Rainy days and Thursdays always get me down….


…or Mondays, or Tuesdays, or, well, you get the idea—however, as this is April and it is raining, I do have hope. It is this very rain that will give way to the flowers of May and beyond. It is a day that provides the time, if not exactly the incentive, to clean house, work on neglected paperwork, etc. So on this rainy, April Thursday, I offer you a glimpse as to why today’s rain is beneficial…here is to warmer, sunnier, abundantly colorful days ahead (and if it’s not raining where you are and it is sunny… enjoy the flowers!)
(Photo: Julie Cook/ Salzburg, Austria 9/2012)

Dare to go against the stream


“Never forget that only dead fish swim with the stream” Malcolm Muggeridge

I think what the famed British author, journalist, WWII soldier and spy, as well as lifelong agnostic turned ardent Catholic, means in this simple quote is that one must take courage in going against the stream–one must be willing to struggle against the current rather than simply allowing oneself to be washed along with all of the other lifeless fish and the rushing waters of life.

There is so much more to be discovered, not only about one’s life and one’s desired goals but, rather, more to be discovered about one’s true inner self–what it is that makes each of us who we are and that there is so much more, than even we had ever realized, to our very being. We must be willing, however, to go the more difficult, the more costly to self, the more challenging, the more demanding, the less popular course in life—and that by doing so, then and only then, will we be able to see who God has truly intended for us to be—

If we never find the courage, never have the energy, or strength necessary to go that opposite course, the end reward will never be as sweet or as satisfying. There is always a cost to the journey against the easy flow, there is sacrifice, a need for perseverance, and the ability to take a chance, to take a risk–it is truly all worth this and so much more… but the first step is to stop being merely washed along– turn around and fight to go upward, often doing so without a clear vision. It will all be a matter of trust and faith….

I hope that you will find the faith and trust–the perseverance and courage that you will need in order to travel the journey upward, rather than the easy journey downward–none of us need be lifeless fish–turn around and fight against the stream…..

(photograph–the latest catch, a freshwater crappie/ Julie Cook 4/2013)