Bee to the 3rd power


“The keeping of bees is like the direction of sunbeams.”
Henry David Thoreau

I’ve noticed a tremendous amount of honeybees this Spring, more so than usual, which is a very good sign as they have recently been on the decline. The way I look at it, my Bee to the 3rd power is actually bees + blossoms= blueberries as the bees have really been gravitating to the blueberry bushes. It’s a win win situation—good for the bees, and good for me. Not to worry, my blueberry bushes, along with most everything else in my yard, are pesticide free—all but for those blasted fire ant mounds—they are for another story.
Hooray for the honeybees!!

3 comments on “Bee to the 3rd power

  1. Val says:

    Do you amend your soil or is it naturally acidic enough for blueberries?

    • Hi Val–I don’t do anything to the soil, nor do I fertilize the blueberry bushes. I planted them shortly after we built the house almost 13 years ago. They are planted on a bank that was mostly fill dirt. They share the bank with water oaks, crepe myrtles, and hollys and do surprisingly well for the lack of attention. I suppose the zone for this part of Georgia is pretty conducive.

      • Val says:

        Yeah, out here our soil is very alkali (typical of the west), and while it is possible to get them to grow, it requires a lot of prep and soil amendent to make it work. No clue what the soil in Georgia is like, but obviously you planted the bushes. My greatest lament was that when they cleared out our yard to build our house in New Hampshire, they cut down all the blueberry bushes!

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