“The lady’s not for turning”


I cannot allow this day to slip away without noting a significant passing on the world stage.
Baroness and Lady, Prime Minister and mother, wife and world leader Margaret Thatcher, quietly departed this world today at the age of 87.

I admired Mrs. Thatcher tremendously. She was a woman who dared going where no woman had ever trod. She dared speaking her mind in a male dominated world and stood by her convictions, never wavering. This is not a forum for those who do not agree with Mrs. Thatcher’s politics or her leadership style. This is not a forum for disparaging remarks towards democracy or those who ardently fought to maintain (or those who continue to maintain) that of a “free” world.

Yes I know there are many who disagree in my stopping to take notice of this once very powerful world figure and the loss of her this day— and that’s ok. I know there are many who would tell me that I have no idea what I’m talking about as I am not British and did not live in England during the time she was Prime Minister. I did not live in England during WWII, nor was I even born at that time, but that has not stopped me in my deep admiration and appreciation for Sir Winston Churchill and the gift of freedom I take for granted today because of his non-tiring efforts in preserving my very freedom. A freedom that Margaret Thatcher continued fighting for.

I appreciate Mrs. Thatcher for a myriad of reasons but the most obvious is for the way she carried out her leadership style– doing so with grace and dignity. She let other woman know that they could lead, still be a woman, a wife, a mother, have strong convictions and beliefs all the while maintaining a graciousness of self.

So it is on this day that this one woman offers her appreciation to another woman for a job well done. Good show MT


2 comments on ““The lady’s not for turning”

  1. Val says:

    God Save the Queen…from stupid Americans. The friend of someone who got on a VERY empty bus on my way home last night got her wires crossed and told this person Queen Elizabeth had died, not Margaret Thatcher. Sad on a few levels.

  2. Abby Couch says:

    I thought this quote by Margaret Thatcher would particularly speak to you:
    Upon arriving at 10 Downing Street as prime minister, 1979:
    “I would just like to remember some words of St. Francis of Assisi which I think are really just particularly apt at the moment. ‘Where there is discord, may we bring harmony. Where there is error, may we bring truth. Where there is doubt, may we bring faith. And where there is despair, may we bring hope.”

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