Rain, again!?


Yes, it’s raining again today and a cold front is coming through. The temperature is to plummet into the 30’s tonight. Call it what you will… blackberry winter, dumb luck, or the fickleness of Mother Nature, it just puts a damper on that Springtime step! So I thought I’d share the forthcoming blooming geraniums. In a couple of days, things should be looking very pretty–fingers crossed it doesn’t get too cold tonight.

One comment on “Rain, again!?

  1. Val says:

    My favorite. Sprinkle a little epsom salt around them before your nect rain and you’ll get more blooms. 🙂

    Sorry about your cold front. It’s in the mid-to-high 80s here, windy, and crazy dry. We’d be happy for a little rain.

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