Ode to the crabapple tree

“Merrily Merrily shall I live now, under the blossom that hangs on the bough”
William Shakespeare


I smelled the tree long before I knew it was even there. “The crabapple tree must be blooming” I silently muse. As I rounded the corner of the field, sure enough, the tree was in full bloom. There is something so deliciously sweet about the entire air being filled with the fragrant perfume of a flowering tree such as the lowly crabapple. A most bitter little green apple plucked fresh from the tree, but cooked and doctored with just enough sugar and spices makes for a delightful pie filling, applesauce or jelly–not to mention something the deer love to nibble.

I wish pictures could come with the capacity for scents and aroma–as this particular image is only half of the captured moment. A warm spring evening filled with silence, all but for a few birds busily chirping about, and the heavy intoxicating aroma of this crabapple, fills me with a tremendous sense of joy. I want to share that same sense of wonder, peace and joy with you……

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