Today is a miracle

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle”
Albert Einstein


I saw this quote by Albert Einstein and I really liked what it had to say… but if the truth be told, I think I like the quote mostly because it was made by a man of mathematical probabilities and quantum physics—possessing a formula of proof for most of the questions he ever came across in life… and yet… here he was speaking of the miraculous, the sort things that could not/ can not be summed up or measured in a straightforward equation.

Just like everyone in life, I have known my share of pain and sorrow. I have struggled and known frustration. I have never been one who could learn the easy way, always having to go down the more difficult path–not always by choice or stubborn-headedness, but due simply, in part, to just my very lot in life.
Any yet I cannot live this life of mine without the hope of the miraculous each and every new day. As just in the mere fact that there is a new day, means there is a hope and that is often miracle enough…

I wish for you the miraculous. Remember that not all miracles are on a grand scale, sometimes we must look closely in order to see what miracle is provided us this day. One thing, however, is certain– we are all provided miracles–but,it is more of a matter as to how we wish to live–as Mr. Einstein tells us, there is a choice. Choose wisely. Choose the miraculous.

(Photograph: My future daughter-n-law gave me this small glass pressing of flowers she got on a trip to France. I thought it lovely held up to the light)