The unseen Angels

“Make yourself familiar with the angels, and behold them frequently in spirit; for, without being seen, they are present with you”
St Francis de Sales


It has been cold, pouring down rain and very unlike May in Georgia these past several days. I found myself stuck indoors scouring for some semblance of color, nature, the outdoors—anything to give hope that, yes, the Spring’s sun and warmth will return. This little tiny orchid bloom was gracing my kitchen. After taking the picture I noticed what looked like a tiny little “angel” in the middle of the flower. Wings open and arms outstretched.
Not that I tend to be into cutesy and sappy images, but I thought it interesting…

Which got me thinking about how there is so much that we will never know or understand about God’s mysteries which constantly surrounds us–we are often too busy,too smug, too arrogant to give much thought to God surrounding us or sending us His angelic forces to protect, to care, to minister to us basically behind the scenes of our lives. It gives me pause to be thankful for the things I can see, but more importantly for the things that I cannot or will never see.

(Annibale Carracci/ Cherub carrying flowers/ France)

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