The Delight Of A Single Bird


O birds, your perfect virtues bring,
Your song, your forms, your rhythmic flight,
Your manners for your heart’s delight,
Nestle in hedge, or barn, or roof,
Here weave your chamber weather-proof,
Forgive our harms, and condescend
To man, as to a lubber friend,
And, generous, teach his awkward race
Courage, and probity, and grace!


5 comments on “The Delight Of A Single Bird

  1. bobmielke says:

    The one thing I miss about owning my own home is a garden. Before moving to Oregon for work 7 years ago, I lived in South Carolina for 13 years. I also left behind my (2) 1,000 square foot gardens that produced enough for for the whole city block. I love the sandy soil and abundant sunshine I could count on in South Carolina. My favorite vegetables included Big Boy, Better Boy, & Beefsteak variety tomatoes, green beans eight inches long and zucchini. Now I live in a 182 square foot sub-studio apartment and buy my organic vegetables from the Trader Joe’s chain of health food stores in Oregon. 😦

  2. All I can say to that is that I am sorry….however, on the bright side, your photographs are beautiful! I was hoping you were going to tell me that your home was of that wonderful shot of the farmstead below the mountain….we’re traveling to Oregon this summer—first trip and we are really looking forward to seeing such a beautiful state!!

  3. c.k. ledford says:

    Now that’s a great shot! All the colors blend so beautifully together. 🙂

    • Thank you C.K. I did think the hues of pinkish/ purplish of the grass a nice combination with the blue bird—my aunt told me that when she opened this post on her computer, she thought it some sort of long necked bird—she had cataract surgery a couple of months ago and they told her she’d no longer need her glasses—I think that diagnoses was perhaps a bit hasty 😉

  4. It is like it watching out for the whole place. Awesome 🙂

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