No more sorrow or trials

(photograph: Julie Cook 2013)

“When I am completely united to You, there will be no more sorrow or trials; entirely full of You, my life will be complete.”

St. Augustine

When I saw this small feather, a mockingbird’s feather, laying in a barren field, it proved a stalk contrast to it’s surroundings. The ground had been plowed up, appearing only dry and dusty–all but a few blades or grass and weeds remained– indicating that, at some point, “life” had existed in this place, but not any longer….and then there was the feather. Seemingly forgotten, abandoned–an aspect of life on a landscape oddly barren of such.

This contrast reminded me of our very lives–the difficulties,the sorrows, the trials, the often dry barren places we find ourselves, and then I was reminded of this quote by St. Augustine. When we are untied to the God of Creation, to His son who vanquished all death and despair, then and only then will our lives be made complete—our barren landscape will reflect the radiant light of Glory and Grace. And we will be made whole!

4 comments on “No more sorrow or trials

  1. Marthafied says:

    What a beautiful photo in its bare simplicity…

  2. Rebecca H. says:

    Lovely words, melissa and I were looking at all your posts last night. You take some really nice pictures too, which melissa is jealous of since she’s sort of picked up photography. Check your email, we’re coming to visit whether you like it or not.
    Much love,
    Thing 2

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