Love will always grow greatest


“The world is indeed full of peril and in it there are many dark places.
But still there is much that is fair. And though in all lands, love is now
mingled with grief, it still grows, perhaps, the greater.”

― J.R.R. Tolkien

It is often quite easy to grow discouraged–with hopelessness nipping constantly at our heels. Tragedies at every turn tempt us with unanswerable questions. Why? How could this be? It’s not fair. All that is wrong seems to outweigh whatever may be good. The question so often thrown in the believers face in such times is “how can a loving God allow such?” Even as “believers” we often shout in dire frustration the same doubts into a seemingly empty void….is there no response?

This is all so difficult. And yet we so often see the answers all right in front of our face. Slowly, one by one the answers emerge… One hand reaches for another…a stranger’s arms stretch to embrace and enfold one who is in anguish. Someone appears out of the nothingness to help, to hold, to lead…..the clouds pass, the sun does come up again, there is a new dawn, a new day…we begin again, slowly, steadily, moving forward—not as quickly as we’d like, but forward just the same. Because out of the bitter darkness emerge two powerful forces—Love and Hope.

8 comments on “Love will always grow greatest

  1. FlutePlayer says:

    Celestial window.

  2. Val says:

    Love this, thank you for the quiet blessing this morning. I was up half the night thinking about and writing about my former pastor’s thoughts and questions on the Zach Sobiech Last Days video on YouTube (just search “Zach Sobiech Last Days” and you’ll find it); still writing.

    The song he wrote to say goodbye to those he loved was called…*ahem*…”Clouds.” (Also on YouTube).

    All life is a matter of perspective, dwelling on the darkness never serves anything but the darkness. That’s not to say we should live in a bubble and deny the darkness, but neither are we to be ruled by it.

    Grace, peace, joy, hope, and live to you friend — blessings for your day my friend.

  3. Val says:

    Reblogged this on St. Val the Eccentric and commented:
    A blessing for your morning, a post that blessed me for some similar themes to the one I’m presently writing.

    • the ironic thing is that my husband came home this evening talking about this boy he had read about, who had cancer and had written a song—–Clouds—–and so we looked at Zach’s song on You Tube—all of which you had shared with me this morning…..Love and Hope will always win……………..

      • Val says:

        My former pastor put up the longer documentary video last night ( ) and commented:

        He died yesterday at age 17.
        How does a kid know so much about parenting?
        How does a teen know so much about life?
        How does one suffering know so much about joy?
        How can such sorrow and loss shout hope and purpose?

        When we talk, Sunday after Sunday, that it is possible to have joy in all things, he shows it is possible.

        So how can I put the wisdom of this life, with all its joy, hope, and courage into my life? I want to be like him when I grow up.

        I wrote back (before I watched the documentary video, just based on the questions — which you might guess are somewhat familiar to me):

        There are those among us who have not only spent life living, but watching and thinking — the introspective contemplatives. It is in the presence of these individuals that one realizes what “an old soul” truly means. Most live simple lives that only impact the lives of those in their immediate world around them, but every so often the words of one or another of these remarkable persons are preserved and handed down. Often we find the writings of these individuals as mature adults, but in peeling back the layers, realize the individuals in question were long remarkable. Add to all of that the knowledge that he knew that life is short, fleeting, and precious long before most people figure out they aren’t invincible and immortal…that’s how.

        (Thus it was SUPER spooky that the first thing he talks about is being invincible — I hadn’t watched the video yet)

        What I was working on last night was a more thoughtful theological reply to my pastor friend’s words. Still a work in progress, hopefully I’ll finish it tonight.

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