Suddenly, there was a giant turtle…..


I walked down the front steps, down to the walk to cut back a few of the spent geraniums blooms, when I happened to look down and to my surprise I spy a rather large turtle.
This was not the average small garden box turtle. “What in the heck is a big turtle doing sitting under my geranium pot on my front walkway??” I muse to myself. We happen to live on a large pasture type of property bordered by some woods— this turtle, however, looks to be a water type of turtle— The type of turtle often seen sunning on limbs sticking out of a pond or lake.


I call my husband at work asking him about the turtle. He instructs me to get a shovel, in order to pick it up, moving it away form the house–he’s worried it could bite–but I knew this was not a snapping turtle–however it could be stressed or injured. I grab my trusty spade, gently lifting the turtle, who is about the size of an elongated basketball, I walk it over to the edge of the woods. I did notice a couple of those nasty green flies–the type of fly I call the death flies, buzzing about him. The turtle appeared alert, not wounded, but of course I didn’t pick it up for a close inspection– all the while noticing those claws of his, I think it best not to touch him.

I put the turtle down– walking back to the house in order to grab my camera. I wasn’t gone from the turtle more than 2 minutes. When I returned to the spot, he was gone. Upon further inspection, I see him about 20 feet away from where I’d left him. He must not be too bad off as he can move relatively quickly if necessary. After a couple of pictures, I leave him alone, hoping he will eventually find “home”–I walk back to the house wondering how in the world a water turtle turns up in my yard. After a little internet search, I discover my turtle is a painted turtle, who indeed spends its life in and around water…still a mystery, but a nice unexpected visit, I chalk it up to my little “gift” of nature for the day.


4 comments on “Suddenly, there was a giant turtle…..

  1. Traci says:

    I have a resident turtle in my backyard who just appeared for the first time this spring. He’s a gopher turtle who appreciates all vegetables that I sprinkle across his path.

    • If this one shows back up in the the yard, I will certainly oblige him a little nibble, but hopefully, he/she will find the water source it desperately needs. I will look up a gopher turtle–I just know the box, water, snapping and now painted varieties ..who says a turtle is slow ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Cathy Laws says:

    Turtles are my FAVORITE, love them so much! rescues one off the side of the road yesterday, a snapping turtle, posted the pic to FB lol. looks like this guy could be an aquatic turtle, especially if he has red on sides of head next to ears they are called red ear sliders and PS world turtle day is tomorrow 5.23 so what a coincidence you found this cute little guy ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Cathy Laws says:

    looooove turtles ๐Ÿ™‚

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