“Knock, knock, knocking on Heaven’s door”


“I can be jubilant one moment and pensive the next, and a cloud could go by and make that happen.”
Bob Dylan

Photograph mine, quote and lyrics Bob Dylan’s…..and that’s exactly how I feel when I fly through the clouds (in a plane mind you)—a magical situation to be on the upside of the clouds…I’ve never been one to wish I could fly but to be able to get up and walk on clouds—that would be a quiet yet wonderful adventure, don’t you think?

Grey dark clouds can pass overhead and yes, I too can become pensive, aggravated, depressed, or relieved..it all depends on whatever is going on in my life at the time down on the ground under the clouds…but being able to fly up through them, being perched on top of them, looking down, just imagining I could just stop the plane stepping out onto that pillowy top—now that is truly a magical thought.

I wonder if it is human nature to want to go upwards…a primal desire to seek our Creator upwards, heavenwards…? If I go far enough will I find Him waiting for me? Perhaps it is an innate longing and desire to be with God, by His side, in His presence. And I suppose it is my yearning and desire to indeed go seeking after Him. And it is through and on top of those very clouds where I feel I should start.

Oh I know that I can sit in the middle of a virgin wood forest, or on a rocky cliff over looking a churning sea and I know that He is there. I knew I saw Him when the baby fawn gingerly hopped through our yard. I saw Him the day our son was born. I saw Him as my mom died…..

….but the clouds— up in those giant white billowy puffs—-somewhere up there I know He is there—
I will always look upwards—what about you?