A new day, a new chance

“O, with what freshness, what solemnity and beauty, is each new day born; as if to say to insensate man, “Behold! thou hast one more chance! Strive for immortal glory!”
― Harriet Beecher Stowe



(photographs: Troup County, GA / Julie Cook / 2013)

Each new day brings nothing but new possibilities. The woesome weariness of yesterday has faded, the looming activities of tomorrow are still fuzzy; the only sure thing is now, today, this moment. Please make the most of it. We are all promised nothing more but this moment, no guarantees for a tomorrow…
Be willing to go out on a limb, take a risk—as long as your motives are true and pure. Be bold, think strong and solid. Go with confidence. This is your new day to your new week, make it what you wish…