Post Script regarding Malala

Hope is nature’s veil for hiding truth’s nakedness.
Alfred Nobel
Sweden Alfred-Nobel2

***A bit of a disappointing Post Script
The Committee who awards the various Nobel prizes announced this morning form Oslo that a Chemical Weapons watchdog group, who has overseen the chemical weapons search in Syria, has won the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize. Unfortunately Malala Yousafzai, the young defiant 16 year old Pakistani girl, who was shot in the head last year by the Taliban and left for dead– all for refusing to back down from the hardline edict that girls should not be educated, did not win. She was the youngest contender.

Watchdog groups are important but I always have a hard time when “groups” win such awards verses the individual who has somehow defied the odds, overcome grave adversity, stood up to tremendous obstacles all in the face of grave danger with little to no regard to self in order to be the still small voice for the masses who have no voice. Alone. No group of support. Simply, alone.

I suppose the argument could be that that “Peace” and working towards that as an end to the means, is what the Weapons group is all about—but to me, that is their job, their responsibility. Is there danger involved? Certainly. But Malala is not ordered, asked, contracted, to be the voice for millions of young girls, she did not volunteer for this global platform, but came to it by simply refusing to stay at home and not attend school. It almost cost her her life but she understood the importance of learning and schooling for children world wide, particularly for countless young girls who still find that a deep double standard exists all around this globe.

Malala will still stand her ground against a terroristic group of men who somehow think it’s ok to burn down schools, pour acid on young girls and who even hunt them down as animals shooting them, as they simply attend school, in hopes of silencing “this rebellious act.” She will continue being the advocate for the countless numbers of girls who are mutilated, enslaved, tortured, bought and sold, pimped, who are considered less than all across this globe. She will continue to educate a world that a girl is a person of worth and that an education is the most important gift you can offer to children other than love.

Here is to education, to the hope that knowledge is more powerful than ignorance and that all children, male and female, deserve to be nurtured, loved and educated by the adults who are all entrusted to care for them.

“Don’t just do something, stand there…” says the Rabbit

I’m late!
I’m late!
For a very important date!
No time to say
“hello”, goodbye!
I’m late!
I’m late!!
I’m late!!!

No, no, no, no
I’m overdue!
I’m really in a stew!
No time to say “goodbye”, hello!
I’m late!
I’m late!!
I’m late!!!

As I made my way outside this morning in order to move some chairs onto the back deck, before I started mopping the house, I spy the most delightful image….



There was such a sense of contentment radiating from this little deer, as it bedded down in the warm sun, waiting on mom to finish breakfast. I felt tremendously privileged to be a solitary witness to this most wonderful interaction between a doe and her fawn. I too suddenly was overcome by a quieting sense of contentment–a most welcomed feeling of peace.

Our lives are lived at such frantic paces. We desperately fight to turn a single 24 hour period of time into at least a 30 hour day. I fear however 30 hours would never be enough. Dashing about, no time to eat, no time to see loved ones, no time to sleep…no time, no time…we’re late, we’re late, always for the proverbial important date.

We dash about like the poor frenzied White Rabbit in Lewis Carol’s classic Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland–making no sense in our rantings as we run from one appointment to the next….With Time always the silent enemy.

“What do you know about a frenetic pace Julie? Aren’t you some kind of retired educator? Isn’t your home the celebrated empty nest? What do you know about my busy life….?” I hear you…and I know sadly a great deal about spending a life on the go. I use to think, and rightly so, that my child spent more time in the car and at school than he ever spent at our home.

I was the “queen of squeeze”—squeezing precious seconds out of minutes, minutes out of hours, hours out of days….and the most pitiful of all, life out of me and my family—-my gut in knots, my nerves frayed, my stress high, my time filled and my life slipping silently away…for what you ask? I in turn ask you the same, “For what?”

Why do we live our lives sucking the life out of the clock? Why do we think we have to cram all of our minutes full with all the needless activities–our children are over scheduled, we, ourselves are over scheduled. Is the world a better place because we race around mindlessly from one meeting, class, activity, conference to another thinking, wrongly, that we are most important because we are most busy…..

I am grateful for the moments such as this morning. Time stops…or actually I stop, time continues rushing past I, however, gratefully stop. This single moment is frozen in time and I am frozen along with it…privy to a single moment of contented blessed peace.

I exhale. Had I been holding my breath? How long? How long have I been standing here, starring? Relishing. Seeing. Being….happy, content?

Don’t always be in such a hurry. Listen to the Rabbit–don’t just do something…stand there… to see, to breath, to live…..