Raindrops on roses, er, well, not exactly

***hearing and singing the tune of My favorite Things. . .
Raindrops on tree limbs and on dirty windows. . .



Cooped up inside till no one knows when tho’
Toll-frees keep calling, ring-a-ling, ling
Here are some shots of my favorite things. . .

Or I should say a few of the things I’ve found for gift giving which is making me happy during such gloomy days. . .

Michael’s Woodcrafts. . .remember the post on Michael and his beautiful wood work? Well the things I ordered from Michael, as part of my Christmas gift giving, have all arrived!! True to form, they are so rich and beautiful—nothing like the sight, scent and feel of finished wood. .



Here is a shot of some local honey (Wally’s Bees out of Newnan, Georgia just south of Carrollton) accompanied by one of Michael’s hand turned ice-cream scoops. . .local honey is always a welcomed gift by young and old. Here we have local wildflower, as well as my favorite, Tupelo. Tupelo is the cadillac of all honeys —it is only sourced from Tupelo trees which are only found in extreme southern Georgia and Northern Florida. Here is a nice little link to the Tupelo bee keeper information page:


I also recently discovered a local potter who throws the cutest “cat bowls”—each bowl is finished off with raised eyes, and cheeks adding personality and character to each cute piece. When I find her card ( I know it’s here somewhere in this oh so organized life of mine—yeah, right) I’ll provide her information.


She also makes the most delicate ornaments–the stamp of a cat on a thin disc of white clay fired then finished off with gold foil


I found this little woolen cutie at Scott’s antique expo in Atlanta. Despite his not being of antique caliber, I still thought he was most adorable. . .for the squirrel loving step mother of course. . .


And finally from local potter Melanie Drew here in Carrollton at Blue Heron’s ceramics, these farm to table mix and match ceramic plates. I’m going to find some local goat cheese from Carpa Dia Cheese
here is a link to an article in Atlanta Magazine regarding this local little gem) and some locally made artisan crackers, to accompany the plates, topped off with some locally made wooden spreaders, all nicely tied up with burlap ribbon— to give to those gastronomic individuals on my list—personal, handmade and full of eclectic homey goodness.


Department store gifts are cookie cutter nice and safe but there is just something most special about giving a gift which is the product of one person’s hands and talents, only to be shared with an appreciative recipient.
May you think outside of the box this holiday season when presenting gifts to family and friends. . . it can make the gift buying experience that much more enjoyable as the receiving is simply an event oh so very sweet!!

6 comments on “Raindrops on roses, er, well, not exactly

  1. Hi Julie,
    Went to boot up my laptop and got a white screen, couldn’t access anything. It appears I might have a virus. Tried to fix it for over an hour but no luck. Using F8 in safe mode, safe mode with command prompt didn’t work either. Jumped on my old laptop for now until I have time to fix the other one….fustrated. I hate those people that create virus and launch them to the internet!!

    I can’t believe this weather, so rainy, no sunshine in over a week. I think it was maybe 3:00 today and the sun started to peek out but it had already started turning cold. Check the temp a few minutes ago and it is already 33.

    Thank you for including my work and link to my blog in your post and pictures too!! Your pictures are great. I hope you and your family love the cutting boards!! I like all the unique items you have found this year for gift, especially the ceramic plates.
    thank you my bloger friend!!
    Merry Christmas,

    • I totally understand your frustrations. Yesterday, on my mac book, my iPhotos disappeared–just disappeared. All my pictures, just poof. I called Apple in a panic as I am very limited with my computer skills, totally technologically inept to be exact–I had to spend 20 bucks and 30 minutes later…the Apple helper was stumped as well, he couldn’t figure out what was going on. Finally, thank the Lord, he finagled something, had me try something else, and thankfully, recovered them. I hate technology!!!
      Glad you like the plug, hope it provides a link to you from would be shoppers 🙂
      The sun made a long awaited appearance this afternoon. It is currently 26 degrees, but the sun is to come back tomorrow. My mood lifted as soon as I walked outside and say blue sky and a bright winter sun…
      I don’t mind cold, as long as I get some sunshine to help me “weather the storm”–
      Happy holidays Michael

  2. Loved your post and play on words in the title! I sure hope you can provide the info on the lady who makes the kitty bowls. I’d love to order one of those. They are so cute! Blessings, Natalie 🙂

    • I’m still looking, I figured it would be in the bag or my purse…not there, but I’m still looking…I text my friend who went with me to the arts and crafts fair to see if she still had the business card. I’ll let you know. They are so so cute and were 10 bucks a plate.
      Loved your post this evening. I have tea each afternoon as I have for the past 40 some odd years, ever since my mom bought me my first tin of Twinngs peppermint tea when I was about 10–I still love it–always with honey and milk—but I love chai, green, English breakfast, etc…
      cheers my dear!!!!

      • Thanks, for looking Cookie. The kitty plates really were cute. I’ve become a Starbuck’s chai latte junkie. I know, I know what a waste of money, huh?! But oh well, there are far worse things I could indulge myself in. It doesn’t help that there is one right next to the Barnes and Noble Bookstore we frequent 4 or 5 times a week. Cheers to you too, my sweet friend. Natalie 🙂

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