Red Sky at morning, Sailors take warning. . .


DAWN! thou hast every possibility of life! What canst thou not reveal to man in thy flaming sky? Enough thou sayest, to recreate a world of men. Blind are we. How many of us read thy words aright? We pass them by, cold letters, divining not the fire of eternal life behind them burning. Dawn, thy opportunity is full! We, alas, know not the meaning of thy gorgeous page. Dazed we watch thy letters pale; cold embers, left upon the sky; Life’s opportunity flickering into naught.

(both images taken from the back deck / Julie Cook / 2013)

A beautiful early morning opportunity is given for the observation of a brilliant sunrise.
Life is busy.
Busier than I prefer. . .
Alas–it is merely the fate of this holiday season.
Time will simply not permit the leisure of reflection nor the joy of the recording of such.
Yet in the advent of time, the gift of a glorious morning sky, full of the expectation and anticipation of the birth of a new day, simply may not overlooked nor ignored.
This is my small gift to you.

8 comments on “Red Sky at morning, Sailors take warning. . .

  1. Pecora Nera says:

    Fantastic photos…. I hope you have printed them and they are on your wall.

    • Ahh, well thank you my little black sheep and benvenuto to you!! Alas, I am not a Facebook person, just a simple blogger, who by the way is a long suffering misplaced Italian who just happens to be of pure american anglican blood whose college roommates accused, almost 40 some odd years ago, of being Sophia Loren’s long lost secret love child—I did write an amusing little post a while back in March regarding one of my many misadventures to Italy “Rome, Wine and a wee bit of Incontinence” —love love Italy–have a big connection in Florence with a dear florentine friend as well as a cousin who makes that city home. Thank you for stopping by Pecora Nera –ciao ciao

  2. And what a lovely gift it is! Gorgeous photos and quote. I pray your busy day goes well, Cookie. Blessings, Natalie 🙂

  3. Jenna Dee says:

    Spectacular photos, thanks for sharing Julie. Love Jenna

  4. Wonderful photographs Julie!

  5. makyambe mitamba says:

    this pic was so cute i really love it

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