5º with a negative 10º wind chill, what’s a person to do?

“In the depths of winter I finally learned there was in me an invincible summer”
Albert Camus


What’s wrong with this picture—Georgia and minus 15 wind chill. Hummm.
When life is simply too cold outside to leave the comfort and safety of indoors yet claustrophobia begins taking hold inside—what’s a person to do. . .??

Look out the windows, that’s what. . .






Thank God for the birds. . .

The bird let loose in Eastern skies,
Returning fondly home,
Ne’er stoops to earth her wing, nor flies
Where idle warblers roam;
But high she shoots through air and light,
Above all low delay,
Where nothing earthly bounds her flight,
Nor shadow dims her way.

Thomas Moore

13 comments on “5º with a negative 10º wind chill, what’s a person to do?

  1. I’m a bird watcher too, as you have probably figured out so I love your bird pictures!
    It’s finally warming up here in PA today- to 22 degrees. Yay!
    Hope it’s warming up down where you are!

    • Hi Joanne—we’ve actually hit 45 today—it feels like a heat wave—a welcomed heat wave 🙂
      And now I need to go buy more feed as the birds have eaten me out of house and home these last couple of oh so cold days!!!

  2. claire46 says:

    Beautiful pictures. You also headed your post with one of my very favorite quotes. Thank you.

    • I decided after this cold that the quote was one of determination 🙂 It may be wretched outside, but my internal being is on a constant summer mode 🙂
      The birds were a good distraction as well helping me feel quite in the mood for Spring!!
      Grace and peace—Julie

  3. Love the bird pictures Julie! I am happy to see that you are feeding them, this cold weather is hard on the birds and wildlife, they need the food. I have filled my feeders twice a day since the cold weather hit us. Stay warm!!

    • Today is a much better day—it’s a lovely balmy 45—I can actually go out and walk up to the mailbox without feeling as if my nose was going to break of it was so frozen 🙂
      Time to buy more bird food—keep warm Michael—julie

  4. Loved the pics especially the woodpecker with his bright red head. I sure hope it warms up soon for you. Blessings, Natalie 🙂

    • The birds are often my sanity savers–especially on those cooped up days!! Hope it’s not been too cold in Texas. I actually got out today, having lunch with another recently retired teaching pal who suffers from RA—even with her injections, this cold has just been too much for the arthritis–this is her first day out since the wicked cold set in—and she was so happy to feel the warmth of the sun!!
      Hugs Natalie—Julie

      • I love my birds too and we can watch them, like you said, without braving the cold. It had been very cold here, but we’ve had worse and it was not nearly as bad as what you and others had. Since that massive ice storm the osteoarthritis in my feet especially has been bad. I sure hope when the barometer settles back down it gets better. Blessings and hugs, Natalie 🙂

  5. catnipoflife says:

    Temps in the teens in deep south GA are not suppose to happen! I brave the cold each morning to feed my fine feather friends! I am hardly five steps away from the feeders and they come a eatin’! BTW Your photos are wonderful 🙂

    • and I want to say congrats on the interview—who knew a math teacher (you were math if I’m not mistaken) should become a literary Phenom—eat your heart out Lang Arts Dept 🙂
      Today is a heat wave—its 45ᵒ YAY!!!
      Loved the video clips last night of the cats in the water—-made my evening
      Stay warm Sharla—

      • catnipoflife says:

        From mathematics to poetess is quite a turn of events to say the least! BTW Where are you? I know you mentioned Georgia.

      • Carrollton. I grew up in Fulton Co / Atlanta, went to school in Athens, student taught Cobb Co and landed a job in Carrollton at the high school in 1982—been here ever since. I retired 2 yrs ago come May, after 31 years. I had lunch today with my fellow teaching pal who was our Curriculum Director, she retired in Oct. We both said today how wonderful it was to be out at lunch and not at school 🙂

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