When you rise in the morning, form a resolution to make the day a happy one for a fellow creature.”
― Sydney Smith


Ok, so I originally wrote today’s post wising to discuss my new healthy purchase. I veered off the subject as usual, verging on a rant regarding our Society’s obsession with beauty, über health, thinness and of our obsessive fear of aging. Things got too wordy, albeit all correct, plus my intent has never for my little blog to be stage for ranting, although there is a great deal I could rant about–Now that being said, this sacred space is reserved for that of a retired Yoda’s musings—plus I was certainly not on topic with that of my new little blender–so he is now the abbreviated version.

I’m not one to make resolutions for the New Year. I just think that we should all try our best, each and every day, without needing some sort of mile marker pointing us in the right direction year after year–those “resolutions” are the things which should be determined each morning as we open our eyes—a daily sort of quest of determination to do right and do better by not only ourselves but our kinsmen as well. Isn’t that a novel concept.

And so it was on the Monday to the new week to the new year—no more sweets, no more fats, back to my little weight lifting regime, loose this excess of weight, get that elliptical machine for the basement, get healthy, get lean. . .hummm. . .
have I ever been lean?

Remember, I’ve got a wedding in June.
No silly, not my wedding, my son’s wedding.
“Ahhh, mother of the groom eh?”
Yes and I want to look nice and I want to be able to fit into a dress.
“But no one will be looking at you, they’ll be looking at the bride.”
So you say.
I’ve been to those weddings and you have too– as they escort the mothers in you turn and whisper to you friend, “She surly has aged. Wow she’s gained weight since the retirement. I don’t remember her being so grey. . .” and the litany goes on.

As I take stock of myself in the mirror, wondering what it is that I need do in order to get into “the mother of the groom” sort of shape, I’m noticing that I can no longer tell whether or not I have eye lids, my mouth has more lines around it than a road map and those things that are supposed to be up on my chest, the things that I think folks refer to as breasts, now seem in a position closer to my navel. Hummmm…

I suppose I should start with not only some exercise but perhaps a bit of monitoring of my diet.

(Please note the word “fiber” in the lower left corner–NO MORE FIBER PLEASE!!!)

I’m certain it comes as no surprise to you that the new trendy super vegetable is Kale. Every time you open a current cooking magazine or search the web’s plethora of foodie sites the once humble green is now all the rage. This simple prolific winter crop of greens which has kept many an Irishman happy as he ate a hearty bowl of Colcannon is now the darling of health food. Funny how the lowly collard and turnip green, along with cousin kale, have taken the eating healthy stage by storm. I’ve been eating such for years—of course the southern style–simmered in chicken broth, a little hot sauce a piece of bacon, or for those hard core southerners, fat back. That my friend is the South on a plate.

Not to be left out of the latest food craze I too have fresh kale on hand. But as far as those kale salads and kale chips are concerned, I’m good. I’ll stick to my spinach and mesclun lettuce for salad and the only chip, as far as I’m concerned, is a potato. I don’t buy potato chips, as I do try to watch what I put in my mouth, I at least know where they are if I need them–right there on the chip aisle–not the kale chip aisle.

Everyone is screaming for kale and I’m still in wonderment over my butter making jar. Now that’s something truly special—butter. And I say all of this as I type under the watchful eye of the placard hanging in my kitchen— “If you’re afraid of butter, use cream” Those immortally wise words of Julia Child.

But let’s get to my point shall we—I bought a Bullet.
A what you ask?
I had not heard of it either but it seems to be a most popular little device.

What started this new little move to health was actually founded in a bit of guilty indulgence. Monday, I decided that I would make chocolate pudding. My poor husband has felt quite deprived since the new year’s healthiness began. Pudding would be okay. But then I saw a fun recipe by the pioneering red head, Ree Drummond for Pots de Creme, which sounded quick and easy. Put the chocolate chips in a blender along with eggs, grind, then add the hot coffee. I did as instructed and as the chips began “grinding” , suddenly my very nice Kitchen Aid blender stopped. I thought the chips were stuck to the blade–but as luck would have it, the chips killed the blender. Who knew?!



Obviously I had to get a new blender. It was suggested that I try a NurtiBullet, as in a magic bullet to health, which will enable me to make those wonderful healthy smoothies which are now all the rage. Really? I want to do that? Who says I want to do that? Blenders are for fun little cocktails, and the blending of the bases of various soups. . . milkshakes, yes, smoothies, ok—but what’s this healthy business?

I proudly bring my new Bullet in the house and unpack it. Looks easy enough. It’s smaller than a traditional blender and it even has a nice little recipe book.

As it is lunch time and I am a tad hungry, I immediately pack the blender cup with the suggested items–peaches, blueberries and kale, filling it with water. I used frozen peaches and blueberries hoping to eliminate the need for ice as I don’t like a smoothie full of hunks of ice. Pop that puppy up on the base, plug it in, and ZIP—within seconds a beautifully deep purple, dotted with little specks of green, smoothie. “This looks really good,” I’m thinking as I bring the cup to my lips. Big sip. . .
AAAGGGHHHHHHHH—eeeoooo, gag–cough, cough

Oh my Lord, I’m drinking grass! All I can taste is the raw kale–no sweet peaches, no tangy blueberries. Honey, I know, it needs some honey!!
Let’s just say that honey will not blend into something very cold, it stays a clumpy cold mass–so now I have a cup full of purple raw greens with a wad of honey hiding within.

Ok, I do see some potential here, but I’ve got to think this through— rather than just throwing any healthy thing in a cup thinking I can blend it up into a palatable concoction, there must be balance. Back to the grocery store I go. More fruits. Some Greek yogurt, some frozen yogurt, add some dashes of perhaps protein powder, this new rage of flax seed meal, some chai and gogi crap. I can do this.


I am now armed with an arsenal of “additives”–all in the name of health. Do you know what excessive fiber can do to your system if you are not use to such. Let’s just say it’s not pretty nor comfortable as a smoothie is pretty much cold raw fiber in a cup. And this is what I wanted?? Hummm

Now on day 3 it’s gotten a tad better. Peaches, strawberries, a banana for texture and potassium, some Greek yogurt, a little coconut milk, cinnamon, a tad of honey—ZIP again, voila, pretty smoothie and one that is much more palatable. Next, blackberries, frozen peaches, pineapples, frozen yogurt, cinnamon, almond milk and a sprinkling of Qia—What in the heck is Qia?? Some sort of magical mix of super seeds—ZIP it up again and I now have a pretty crunchy smoothie. Hummm—I don’t like the seeds, I doubt my intestines like the seeds. No more seeds
At least however, there are possibilities. It’s easy to use and clean–I can give it a try for a while. I wonder if the yogurt, peaches and almond milk would enjoy a shot of Amaretto? I think I would. Oh, this is breakfast, I forgot, nix the alcohol.


This will definitely take some playing around with in order to appreciate the full potential–ratios and combinations are certainly coming into play. And yet, I’m still drawn back to the pudding. So much smoother–such a wonderful feel in the mouth–none of this stick in the teeth seed business. Chocolate and creme–a thing of beauty in the mouth–and what’s more these two would appreciate a shot of Amaretto, Rum, Bourbon, you name it!!
Oh what would Julia say?

The moral of this tale—make no big yearly resolutions, simply tell yourself each morning that you will make good daily choices for yourself and others— while always making room for a little added pudding.
Now I’m thinking I may just go back to my fig newtons for lunch–figs and whole grains—now that sounds healthy!

12 comments on “Resolutions

  1. ytaba36 says:

    Hmm, I just might invest in one when I get back to Dismal Swamp (the Bullet, I mean).

    • as in swamp Yvonne I’m assuming Venice and not here in the Okefenokee Swamp in south Georgia or down in Gainesville, Florida at the University of Fl–home of the Swamp Gators. . .
      The bullet is pretty handy as it does what a blender will do plus it came with a blade for grinding –to use as a coffee mill or for grinding nuts, etc, its small therefore a little less cumbersome than a full fledged blender—just don’t go hog wild with the fiber business as all that raw fiber, even if you’re use to eating a fair share of fruits and vegetables can really do a number on ones life shall we say 😉

      • ytaba36 says:

        Dismal Swamp is what I call the small town I live in, back in Australia! I’ll watch it with the fibre, for sure. Cheers

      • Ahh–I was hoping Venice was more of your love and not a dismal swamp but as is the case any where, it too has its dismal days—and floods. . .
        I have a friend who’s daughter has just arrived in Florence for a study abroad program—oh to be young again and have such an adventure—my adventure now revolves around fiber and a blender –HA 🙂
        Happy Days!!

  2. ptero9 says:

    My husband and I did a diet overhaul back in 2011. Smoothies are a big part of our diet. After killing the Ninja and a household blender we finally invested in a Blend Tec. This thing will grind grains, beans, or anything you put in it! Love my smoothies 🙂

    Best wishes on your diet Julie!

    • Thanks Debra–whereas I like to think I do cook along the lines of healthy–and consume my fair share of veggies and fruit–this little thing kicked my butt–too much raw fiber too fast 😉
      A friend told me about the Ninja but since I’m not going whole hog with this, as my husband would never get on board as I’m simply doing good getting him to eat oatmeal each morning and drinking a Cranenergy–the little bullet will suffice for now–the smoothie making part is fun–as a person who loves to cook, the whole adding various ingredients and those combinations is really quite fun 🙂
      Happy Health Debra 🙂

      • ptero9 says:

        Yes, I understand very about having the spousal unit on the same page 🙂

        My husband initiated the changes for us and it took me a year to get on board with the diet changes! But, he cooks, so, unless we wanted to cook separately (no), the solution was for me to enjoy his new way of cooking, which I really do now.

  3. I love that you inject your sense of humor in many of your postings. I wish I were on the same page as you, but you go girl! You’ll lovely as the mother of the groom, I’m sure. Hugs and chuckles, Natalie 🙂

    • Oh not to fret, my page is pretty much the same–just trying to get my act together a bit is all—I just need to get up and move a bit more—I have a bum thyroid that works against me which can frustrate my efforts–and my thing is that others should learn from my mistakes—like the excess fiber—bad idea 🙂
      Love to you–lil cookie

      • Wow, we really are a lot a like. I have no thyroid anymore. Part of it was removed in 1972 which incidentally allowed me to become pregnant with our only child, and the rest was removed several years ago. A huge benign fibroid mass had moved my esophagus and trachea way over to the left of center. It was wrapping around the esphagus and squeezing it so that there was not much room left for food to go down. So it had to come out. Now I have only the meds to mimic a functioning thyroid. I need to eat healthier too so maybe you’ll inspire me to do so. Hugs, N

      • I have what they call Hoshimoto’s disease—my thyroid is like a roller coaster–it may run high and / or low—I’d been living life like a Zombie–just going through the motions–they figured it out during blood work for a sinus surgery years ago. The levels are controlled by meds- but it still plays havoc on my body–thinning hair, weight gain despite being active and eating normally. It did swing backwards once where I lost almost 20 pounds in two months by not doing a single thing differently—such a mess—and as it is autoimmune—I have long thought I may have Lupus, but my doctor isn’t so sure—but the ol body is starting to betray me more so as of late—ode to aging no doubt 🙂
        My elliptical comes tomorrow—as we don’t live where it’s safe to walk the two lane backroads– as they are too narrow to walk with the cars—and walking around a pasture is not my idea of fun—an elliptical while staring out the window sounds nice 🙂 I’ll let you know —
        I have a torn ACL that was never repaired so running is not a good option for me—so we shall see–I’m sure there’s a story in there somewhere 😉
        Hugs Natalie—cookie

      • Bless your heart. That sounds like no fun at all. Yes as we get older more and more of our parts begin to betray us it seems. I hope your elliptical helps to make you feel better. Hugs, Natalie 🙂

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