Savoring an extra hour

Rejoice in the things that are present; all else is beyond thee.

Don’t let yesterday use up too much of today.
Cherokee Indian Proverb


Pictured above are two cute little calamondins, aka kumquats, sitting on a beautiful walnut cutting board made by Michael over on—he’s just received a new batch of walnut boards that he’s putting to good use–I can’t wait to see his latest project, a walnut step stool.

However step stools and wood aside, let’s take a moment to do a little savoring shall we—
Savor: verb
: to enjoy the taste or smell of (something) for as long as possible
: to enjoy (something) for a long time

Our focus today is to savor.
As Merriam- Webster’s definition points out, the word savor means to enjoy, and to do so for an extended amount of time–for as long as possible.

Therefore our lesson today is for us to take today for what it is, that being, today.
Fretting over yesterday or dreading tomorrow quietly robs us of today–slowly consuming us to where we lose any and all joy offered by today.

My wish for you this Sunday is to seek, to find, to grab then hold on to a moment of peace, joy, contentment or love which is hiding somewhere in the shadows of today in which you may enjoy and savor before the work week begins again tomorrow.
As we’ve added an hour of daylight today (let’s not think of the hour lost of sleep shall we), this tiny bit of extra light just might be the very gift of joy offered to us this March Sunday.

Therefore may we savor this extension of daylight, relishing the sun shinning longer, extending more warmth to the tiny buds and leaves waiting to burst forth providing us with heavenly scents and sights!
Ode to those exuberant colors of Spring which are poised, just around the corner of this waning winter, waiting to burst forth upon our snow and ice weary landscape.

So on this first full day of daylight savings time, may you find that extra hour which is a gift of what else, but time– may you use that hour to find peace, happiness, solitude, joy. Knowing that this new found hour of sunshine is the precursor to not only Spring but those warm long Summer evenings. Ahhhhhh. . .If that isn’t a happy thought, this early cool March Sunday, then I don’t know what is. . .

Here’s to the anticipation of savoring time on a warm Sunday evening, in a rocking chair, on a porch somewhere warm, listening to the whip-poor-wills and cicadas while happily pondering, nothing, nothing at all–that delightful thought is my gift to you this day –may you savor the thought of warmer days ahead.

5 comments on “Savoring an extra hour

  1. I was thinking about PEACE last evening as a matter of fact! It’s such a calming word and a good word for awaiting spring….

  2. Natalie Scarberry says:

    I’ve kept wondering all afternoon why it seems to be staying light for so long and then duh I pulled my head out of its dark place and realized that’s what daylight
    savings does for us. I’ve spent my afternoon going in and our moving a sprinkler around. We are not getting any rain and the ground is soooooooo very dry. Hope you’ve had a lovely afternoon. Love and hugs, Natalie 🙂

    • We’ve been gone all day–helping Gregory bush hog some property he has for his hunting purposes–hauling the tractor an hour south—got home to find Brenton and Abby letting Alice, their dog play in the yard—showered fast and we all headed to Cracker Barrel– now finally home—whew!!! You might want to check on Michael—he replied to my post yesterday to tell me his son-n-law was in killed in a car crash Thursday evening–he was just 29. My heart simply broke for him, his wife and especially for his daughter—so tragic and so devastating—
      Michael is such a kind man.
      Hope you’re feeling better with that knee of yours!! I managed to dodge the stump holes today 🙂
      Love you Natalie—Julie

      • Natalie Scarberry says:

        Wow you’ve had a busy day missy. I’m so glad you managed to dodge any stump holes today. Oh, man, how very tragic for Michael and his family. Bless their hearts. I will lift them up in prayer and drop him a note. Love to you too, Cookie. 🙂

  3. Julie, you are so kind to include me and my work in your post today. I love your thoughts of peace, joy, contentment or love. I would add sharing, sharing with the ones you love and those you don’t know. Thank you for your prayers and Natalie, if you read this thank you too! This has been one of the most difficult times for my family and I. Love you, Michael

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