Cast down but not destroyed

“But God is the God of the waves and the billows, and they are still His when they come over us; and again and again we have proved that the overwhelming thing does not overwhelm. Once more by His interposition deliverance came. We were cast down, but not destroyed.”
― Amy Carmichael

(the beginning blooms of the tulip tree / Julie Cook / 2014)

For those friends I know, who have recently been dealt tremendous blows to family and faith, as well as to those now struggling with heavy hearts and minds due simply to the trials and tribulations of life, I want you to know that I offer you today. . .
Comfort found in a heart which weeps with you.
Arms which reach to embrace you.
Strength for the weakness now in your own heart.
Hope which seems to elude you.
Peace which seems to avoid you.
Joy which seems now so foreign to you.
Forgiveness for others of which you currently can’t find in your own heart to offer.
Love, which is never ending, as you now find yourself in the dark grief and pain which is the shadow of the Cross Crucified.

And to those of you who are reading this, be it that we have not yet met, as you too find yourself surrounded by raging storm clouds, please know, that these words are intended for you as well.

As your life was precious today in my sight, so may my life be precious in the sight of the Lord, and may he rescue me from all tribulation.”
1 Samuel 26:24