“Nor did demons crucify Him; it is you who have crucified Him and crucify Him still, when you delight in your vices and sins. ”
― Francis of Assisi

(statue in a yard in San Antonio, Texas / Julie Cook / 2014)

We threw caution to the wind
Living for the moment

Self centered, selfish, self
Focusing inward, never outward

As the hammer hit the nail

They did it
That was our familiar cry
It was all them, certainly not me
We claimed none of that

Again a hammer hits another nail

Blood poured out upon our hands
yet there was no acknowledgement
How could that be
Self becoming blood

Another nail is struck

Blood mixes with sin
Flowing down a tree
Spreading out over the dirt
I pick up the linen

Blood covers my hands
It doesn’t wipe off

Lightning streaks across the blackened sky
Was it the thunder which shook the ground
The bitter taste of bile swirls through a dry mouth
I didn’t do this, I swear

The women cry as the people turn away
Three times a rooster crows
There’s another one dead
As the body twists on the noose

The demons in hell are dancing
For once, this was not their doing

Hands still stained
Metal striking metal
There’s money on the ground
Was it just a dream?

Needing to hide,
We run to the shadows
Still claiming none of it
It’s all too much to ignore

Voices cry out
I hear my name
Clean hands reach for the blood soaked hands I hide

Eyes meet mine
Guilt is freely taken
Brokeness made straight
The demons dance no more

Shadows never lie
As Light now breaks the darkness
Battles rage no more
with Victory now at hand

We step out from the grave
The Price is paid in full
Death has lost again
Triumphantly Hope remains alive

6 comments on “focus

  1. Lynda says:

    Julie, this deeply touches my heart. It is interesting to contemplate Jesus’ death on the solemnity of The Annunciation of the Lord. What a dichotomy and yet that is what life is all about! Blessings.

    • the funny thing is that our weekend spilled over into Monday, busy without my having much noticed the calendar –late last night I finally sat down to put together this morning’s post—a bit lost and scattered without much of a clear vision. St Francis came to my aid–offering wisdom, as always. So I wrote—not really certain I was pleased with the words. I got up this morning, still laboring. Finally posting what I had.
      It was not until I read my devotional and had my quiet time that I realized that this is the celebration of the Annunciation— I was then struck by the dichotomy as well—here we are in the midst of Lent—the heavy time of repentance, reflection and even foreboding—yet here, in the middle of all of that is a moment of deep anticipation and awe—of joy, hope and Salvation—which is also what Easter is all about—pretty darn amazing!!
      Happy Tuesday to you Lynda—as the very cold north winds come barreling down upon us—deep freeze tonight with 35 mph winds—old man winter will certainly not give up the ghost!!

  2. Natalie Scarberry says:

    Just to let my readers know. I’m having a hard time with a health issue right now and now I can post nothing on my blog nor can I get any help from WordPress with whatever the problem is. So please pray for me that these issues will be resolved soon. Blessings to all, Natalie 🙂

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