What do you mean “freeze warning?!”

“That is one good thing about this world…there are always sure to be more springs.”
― L.M. Montgomery
(new tiny blooms in Julie’s yard / Julie Cook / 2014)

Oh the fickle ways of Mother Nature.
Just when we thought it safe to settle into our increasingly warmer days of Spring, being wooed by the sights of the myriad flowering plants greeting us at every home improvement store from Atlanta to Dallas, sadly and ominously something wicked this way comes.

Oh say it ain’t so Al Roker!
Save us Willard Scott!!
News Flash:
Freeze warning tonight.
Predicted low. . . 30 dreaded degrees.
Henny Penny the sky is indeed falling and so is my mood.

“Cover those tender plants” is the new mantra of all Southern weathermen.
Are you freaking kidding me?!
Cover an entire walkway?
Cover planters, containers, entire gardens????
Well yes.
Yes we shall.
We simply have no choice.

No we’ve not lost our minds nor given ourselves over to some new eco-fad. We simply take our tender Spring vegetation and blooms quite seriously. We’ll cover every new sprout, tender blade of grass, bud, bloom and blossom by George.

Be gone Winter, be gone we say!!
This is our rally cry, this is our song.
As God is my witness, we will have blooming tomatoes in just another month!!!

And just so you know, if you happen to be from out of town and find yourself driving around in north Georgia tomorrow morning. . .don’t panic if you see a landscape eerily veiled in sheets, plastic and tarps. I’m not taking a little ol garbage bag plastic—I’m talking rolls of the stuff. And did you know there has even been mention of the “S” word for Tennessee and North Carolina!!

Katy bar the door, ’cause now,
all fingers and toes are tightly crossed!
I’ve got to run, for there’s plastic to be ‘a spreading

7 comments on “What do you mean “freeze warning?!”

  1. phyllissnipes says:

    Now if only the 40 mile wind gusts won’t blow the plastic off!!!

  2. Christine Ledford says:

    I woke up this morning to an inch of snow on the ground. Just two days ago I had the air conditioner on. Winter doesn’t seem to want to go away this year. 😦

    • Oh Christine I know—we’ve run the air conditioning on and off now for a week. We hit 80 twice this week–today, it’s a cold rain, remaining in the low 40’s dipping into the 20’s tonight. I just pray the wind is still blowing just enough to keep the frost from developing–
      Fingers crossed!!!

  3. Lynda says:

    We don’t have to worry about our plants as they haven’t really come up yet but today we will experience rain, snow, ice pellets and freezing rain after thinking that spring had sprung! Not complaining but just sayin’! I hope your plants all survive.

  4. I can’t believe it either, I spend 40 minutes trying to cover as much as I could but I didn’t get everything. A lot of my hostas and roses are going to get burned! Let’s hope it doesn’t get to freezing.
    Michael 🙂

  5. We narrowly escaped a freeze here last night and like you I finally decided there was just too much to try and cover or bring back in to the greenhouse so I offered up a prayer and sure enough the Lord answered. It did not freeze and none of my new plantings or anything else for that matter showed signs of damage from the near freezing temps. Old Man Winter does indeed seem to have a lingering hold on the land. Your flowers in the photo are beautiful and I hope none of your things were damaged in the latest wintry onslaught. Hugs and Love, N 🙂

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