Salve festa dies toto venerabilis aevo

(as we’ve been socked in with rain for 3 days, I had to pull from my photo archives, reaching back almost a year to the image of this crisp blue sky and popcorn dotted sky / Julie Cook / 2013)

Hail thee, festival day!
Blessed day to be hallowed forever;
Day when our Lord was raised,
Breaking the kingdom of death.

Lo, the fair beauty of the earth,
From the death of the winter arising!
Every good gift of the year
Now with its master returns.


Rise from the grave now, O Lord,
The author of life and creation.
Treading the pathway of death,
New life You give to us all.

Words by Venantius Fortunatus (530-609)
Later translated from the original Latin to English by Maurice F. Bell in 1906
Music by Ralph Vaughan Williams as taken from the English Hymnal 1906