The adventures of Mr. Toad

“The world has held great Heroes,
As history-books have showed;
But never a name to go down to fame
Compared with that of Toad

The clever men at Oxford
Know all that there is to be knowed.
But they none of them knew one half as much
As intelligent Mr Toad!

The animals sat in the Ark and cried,
Their tears in torrents flowed.
Who was it said, “There’s land ahead?”
Encouraging Mr Toad!

The Army all saluted
As they marched along the road.
Was it the King? Or Kitchener?
No. It was Mr Toad!

The Queen and her Ladies-in-waiting
Sat at the window and sewed.
She cried, “Look! who’s that handsome man?”
They answered, “Mr Toad.”

― Kenneth Grahame, Wind and the Willows


(a beautiful warm weather resident / Julie Cook / 2014)

7 comments on “The adventures of Mr. Toad

  1. Christine Ledford says:

    Great pics, Julie! Love how the details in his eyes show so clearly.

    • Oh I felt the same way looking at the picture–especially his eyes—in fact I thought I’d do a thing on texture but just enjoyed the piece taken from the Wind and the Willows instead—they really are amazing little creatures
      Thank you Christine—

  2. Lynda says:

    These are amazing photos of an incredible little creature – as I studied these photos I was fascinated by so many details that God created to help the toad in his environment including his feet. Truly amazing to me! Thank you.

    • I know, right! Amazing! I marvel at the texture, the pattern and design—the beauty in his / hers eyes. . .
      beauty in one of the more humble creatures of this earth–A Master Creator is our God and Father!
      Hoping your “rumination” over your paper is producing some wonderful thought. . .

  3. Great photos and I love the poem!!! Hugs, Natalie 🙂

  4. Super photos Julie!! Love the close up and the details 🙂

    • Thank you Michael—I love finding the toads and frogs hiding out when I go water or prune–
      I hope you and your family will have a nice Memorial Day weekend—I suppose we’ll just work around the house—two more weeks and there’s the wedding—whew!!

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