Beauty in the Brambles

My berries cluster black and thick
For rich and poor alike to pick.
I’ll tear your dress, and cling, and tease,
And scratch your hand and arms and
I’ll stain your fingers and your face,
And then I’ll laugh at your disgrace.
But when the bramble-jelly’s made,
You’ll find your trouble well repaid.

by Cicely Mary Barker





Tiny tender forming berries lie hidden among the thorns
Time and sun, mixed with gentle rains, soon will transform these tiny green gems to change from first a crimson red to the deep purple black of ripeness.
Come late June, sweet juice bursting forth will be ready for both jam and pie.
As Summer’s calling card lies hidden in the thorns. . .

7 comments on “Beauty in the Brambles

  1. And we all grow and ripen when we allow ourselves to absorb that sun and rain provided so generously. This post blessed me. Today I am a blackberry. : )

  2. y. prior says:

    wow – never heard that song before – and great photos – we have two blackberry bushes and ours are just coming in as well. I love the berries – even though the bushes are a little annoying because they send shoots up everywhere. great post. 🙂

    • All the blackberries I have around me are of the truly wild variety—found along the rural fences and woods close to home. I love them as they remind me of when I was little and would visit my grandparents who had a farm—my grandmother would send me to a back fence in search of blackberries, I was to pick as many as I could, despite the forewarning of watching for red bugs (chiggers) and snakes—bringing back as many as I could in order for her to make a pie—those are good and very tasty memories!!
      A happy Memorial Day weekend to you and your family!

  3. I’m a blackberry too because I have my thorny moments. But then the question really is does the berry have thorns or does the thorn have berries??? At any rate, I’ll bet those are some tasty berries when they ripen. Hugs and blessings, Natalie 🙂

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