tiny jewels

“The earth is like a beautiful bride who needs no manmade jewels to heighten her loveliness…”
Kahlil Gibran

(a tiny bowl of tiny Sun Gold and Brandywine cherry tomatoes / Julie Cook / 2014



I love cherry tomatoes—those tiny little hanging orbs bursting forth with an explosion of summer all in one small bite. My husband on the other hand does not like cherry tomatoes. I suppose with his being the manly man that he is, cherry tomatoes must seem too tiny, too girly, too not worth it when wanting a “real tomato.

He rationalizes that 50 cherries would constitute one “normal” tomato—why bother with gathering up a million little ones, when truly, one decent sized tomato will do. How on earth do you make a tomato sandwich, that quintessentially summertime favorite, with teeny tiny little red balls?! And let’s not start on the fact that there are other colors for tomatoes than red. In his world, tomatoes are red and red only. In my world, they are white, yellow, purple, black, bumpy, striped, large and small.

I like my world.

He’s more of a big beef steak fan–a hardy Big Boy, a giant Better Boy or an acidic Rutgers.
They must be peeled and sliced thin. God forbid I leave the peel on. And let’s not talk about getting too creative like, say, roasting with olive oil, fresh thyme sprig, fresh rosemary, sea salt, garlic and olive oil. Is there any thing better—that heavenly aroma wafting through the house—serve over warm pasta or add to mixed greens, a drizzle of balsamic, add crumbled feta or perhaps chèvre, or slivers of pecorino romano —ummmmmm.

Each year, in our garden, my husband graciously yields to my desire for at least one plant of cherries and one plant of plums. Plums make some of the meatier tomato sauces as they are flavorful and do not render to mush when cooked.

How was I suppose to know that out of our 10 plants, now giant bushes, that 4 of them would turn out to be cherries?! I swear I had no idea! Honest!

I’ve grown full sized Brandywines and Sun Golds before. No where did the little marker, stating the type and variety of plant, did it state Brandywine cherry or Sun Gold cherry. Only one plant’s little marker stated Sun Gold cherries. The other’s read as a regular plant.

Imagine my surprise and his alarm, when the tomatoes started to form, that half of the tomato plants would be either cherries or plums. Who knew?

Oh well.
There will still be enough “normal” sized tomatoes to make his go to BLT’s but even more tiny tomatoes for a little extra creativity in the kitchen. . . sounds pretty good to me and pretty darn tasty 😉

8 comments on “tiny jewels

  1. Lynda says:

    What healthy looking tomato plants! Ours are just beginning to strengthen and it will be a while before they bear fruit. Enjoy your creativity in the garden and the kitchen – if I lived closer I’d be over to enjoy the beautiful aromas of your cooking! Blessings.

    • Me too Lynda–I wish we lived close enough to be able to chat over a nice cold glass of lemonade—:)
      I’m still thinking about a prayer—I know you leave this week, I’ll put something together—I’m struggling with the content—
      I hope you’re packing with grand anticipation 🙂

      • Lynda says:

        Julie, I anticipate being with Jesus in a very different way and I don’t understand why because I have been to Israel previously; however, I wait in great expectation of something very deep and sacred. Please don’t worry about writing a fancy prayer – just the names of those you wish to hold up in a special way in prayer will be fine. I will take the prayer to the Western Wall on Saturday evening and will slip the paper into one of the cracks in the wall. It is a sacred place.

      • I’m so excited for you and this journey. I wish I was going. I thought about what I wanted to say over supper—I’ll type it up tomorrow..
        hugs and love to you—julie

  2. Your tomato plants look great and all the cherry tomatoes! I love the cherry tomatoes too but there is something to say about a huge juicy Brandywine. Year ago when I planted a vegetable garden I grew Brandywine tomatoes. They are the best ever for a tomato sandwich 🙂 We eat a lot of cherry tomatoes too, Debbie adds them to pasta salad and most anything!

    Did you see my post Ooey Gooey Carmel Pie!

  3. I just bought a soy candle with the scent of “wild tomato vine” and it really does smell like tomatoes. I love cherry tomatoes, fresh off the vine on a warm morning. Ours are not ready yet so it’s a good encouragement to see yours! xo Joanne

    • It will be soon Joanne—my cherries are just starting to turn ripe while the bigger, full sized, tomatoes still have a ways to go—nothing says summer more than a tomato sandwich 🙂

  4. Wow, what a good little farmer you are!! Your maters look delicious. Loved the post and as always your sense of humor. Love and hugs, Natalie 🙂

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