A Convenient Christianity

I found this posting to be most profound, deeply troubling and vastly true. . .

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photios-kontoglouWe have made our own Christianity, a convenient, humane and reasonable Christianity, as the Grand Inquisitor of Dostoevsky says, because the Christianity taught by Christ is inapplicable, inhumane.

Instead of rising towards Christ, who said “if I am lifted up from the earth I will draw all people to Myself”, we have brought Him down to where we are, and have made a Christianity that agrees with our weaknesses, with our passions, with our worldly ambitions, and we have given our saints qualifications that our materialistic minds appreciate and admire, making them philosophers, orators, politicians, psychologists, sociologists, educators, scientists, etc.

The Grand Inquisitor, speaking as if Christ was standing before him (he had commanded His capture, since He once again descended to the earth and people were following Him), said to Him: “At the time you came into the world you brought people a harsh religion, impractical and inhumane. We…

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2 comments on “A Convenient Christianity

  1. Lynda says:

    How incredibly true! If we were to follow Jesus and live the way Jesus lived and taught his disciples to live, this world would be a very different place. Let us reclaim the teachings from the Sermon on the Mount and live out of love rather than fear. Sending you blessings and prayers from Galilee.

    • Oh Lynda, thank you for taking the time to touch base during your trip. I have truly been thinking about you and praying for you daily—the news has been most worrisome from that part of the world! I trust this “battle” has not impeded your journey too badly and that you are seeing and experiencing the wonderful, sights, smells and wonders of that most ancient and sacred of lands!!!
      Happy and safe travels my friend.

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