“As the genuine religious impulse becomes dominant, adoration more and more takes charge. ‘I come to seek God because I need Him’, may be an adequate formula for prayer. ‘I come to adore His splendour, and fling myself and all that I have at His feet’, is the only possible formula for worship.”
― Evelyn Underhill

(the view from a window on a misty morning / Julie Cook / 2014)

Tremendous energies spent daily silencing the uncomfortable and palpable gnawing within the soul.

Running from rather than running to
Ignoring verses acknowledging
Fighting without yielding

Falling prostrate, keenly aware of all shortcomings
Drowning in a sea of sorrow
A call for mercy echoes along the walls

Hear me in my distress
Take me to your stillness
Quiet my racing thoughts

The heart of the soul is a consuming thirst which cannot be quenched,
a fire that cannot be extinguished,
a hunger that cannot be filled.

I am in need
You and you alone are the need
Hear my plea

7 comments on “Need

  1. Lynda says:

    Yes, Julie, this is the cry of the human heart. We yearn for God and yet at times we run away – we run in circles in our lack of understanding that our deep need is to rest in God. This has been written in the genre of the Psalms and speaks deeply to my soul. Blessings.

  2. Simply stunning!!! It is indeed the cry of the human heart, as Lynda said, or at least it should be. I pray you have a great weekend and that whatever troubles your soul abates. Hugs and love, N ❤

    • I’m good, just a bit of a restless and unsettled soul as of late—wow, you reblogged the post…that is truly an honor!! Thank you—-I hope you are hanging in there with your decision for the replacement. I feel this will be a blessing—-
      A happy weekend to you Natalie
      All my love—Julie

      • If I can help in any way by listening, please let me know. It was too great a post not to share, missy. Yes, I will go through with the surgery. I don’t want to live what time I have left hobbling around like this and being so limited in the things I love to do. Thanks for your prayers and encouragement. I will need them to get through this. Huge hugs and much love, N ❤ ❤ ❤

  3. lorriebowden says:

    I’m so happy Natalie re-blogged this for it brought me here…and I am so grateful! ! Your writing is beautiful. ..deep…and touching. I will be back to explore more 🙂

    • Hi Lorrie, thank you for your kind words—I too am most appreciative to Natalie for re-blogging as her “sharing” has introduced me to some very warm and caring individuals.
      Please feel free to stop by any time—
      Grace and Peace—Julie

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