Plea for Prayers: Baby Facing Major Neuro- and Plastic Surgery

May we all come together in prayer for little Emmett and his entire family–especially on the day of his surgery, November 19th and throughout his recovery.

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Craniosynostosis – the coronal suture has prematurely fused10734237_10154773675155074_7184992145092792769_n

My ten month old grandson is a happy, quick, engaging little fellow who was born with the plates of his skull fused together prematurely. As a result, he is facing major surgery to cut the plates and reshape his head which has grown lopsided. Emmett’s surgery is on Wednesday Nov. 19 at 9am Eastern Standard Time. The surgery will take between 5-7 hours, but it could take up to 10 hours.

Details of the surgery are as follows: an incision is made from ear to ear, the skull is removed from the orbital bone to the centre of the head. After the neurosurgeon removes a piece of his skull that has fuse prematurely, a plastic surgeon will reshape the skull.  Then the surgeon will put it  back together using plates and screws which are made of a dissoluble substance. They use…

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2 comments on “Plea for Prayers: Baby Facing Major Neuro- and Plastic Surgery

  1. forever grateful- moved to tears

  2. prior says:

    i prayed tonight and I will put a note on the fridge to remind myself to pray – to pray that the entire hospital will be in sync and that that the lord will go with the doctor’s hands – and that Emmett’s immune system and body will be strong – and just for strength for all… 🙂

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