Leaving a mark

“Our days are numbered. One of the primary goals in our lives should be to prepare for our last day. The legacy we leave is not just in our possessions, but in the quality of our lives. What preparations should we be making now? The greatest waste in all of our earth, which cannot be recycled or reclaimed, is our waste of the time that God has given us each day.”
― Bill Graham

(the remaining remnants of leaves faded onto the concrete / Julie Cook / 2014)

When all is said and done, what will be said about you?
What will people remember?
Or the question may beg. . .will they remember?
Will it be . . .
“that old rebel rouser”
“that old stick in the mud”
“they were so very angry”
“they were so terribly lazy”
“they were so selfish”
“they were such a martyr”
“they were so very mean”
“they had the first dime they ever made”
“they were nothing but a workaholic”

Or. . .
Will they say that the world was a better place for having had you in it?

It’s never too late you know.
There’s still time.
Time to turn things around if need be.
Right a few wrongs.
Turn over that new leaf.
Make a few changes.
Nothing drastic.
Just a little tweaking here and there.
Letting go of a few bad habits.
Figuring out what’s really important,
what really matters. . .

Will your mark be negative, rebellious, selfish, destructive
will your mark be positive, compassionate, generous, constructive.

There’s still time, but how much. . .I have no idea.

5 comments on “Leaving a mark

  1. Lynda says:

    This post requires a lot of thought for we don’t want to be forgotten and yet as I walk this journey through life, I ask God that people will see Jesus and not me. So when I’m gone what I really want is to leave a legacy of people who were drawn to Jesus. For me that is what is important. Now for that to happen there is a lot of refining to be done in my life!

    • I know. There is a song by Nicole Nordeman, a Christian artist that pretty much sums it up ….
      from the Woven and Spun album, Legacy:
      “I want to leave a legacy
      How will they remember me?
      Did I choose to love?
      Did I point to You enough
      To make a mark on things
      I want to leave an offering
      A child of mercy and grace
      Who blessed Your name unapologetically
      And leave that kind of legacy”

      Yes, I have much work to do. . .

  2. I love Nicole Nordeman and this is one of her really good ones and really what we should all strive for. Great post, missy. Hope you after Thanksgiving day afforded you some rest from all that cooking that you did. Hugs, N ❤

    • No rest for the weary—I moved out “Fall” and put up all the outside Christmas decorations and lights, schlepping it all out of the attic and down the staris—it took all day and I’m now spent!!
      And all day, up and down the ladder, and up and down the stairs, I kept asking myself why. . .
      I’ll let you know when I figure that one out 😉
      hugs and love—a pooped cookie

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