Here is a P.S. to today’s post

A very nice and humbling thing has taken place today over on the Artistic Christian–a great blog spot where John, a minister of music out in Texas, has created a place to showcase the works of Christian artists from all over—artists found in all sorts of creative venues—be it the visual arts, music, literature, you name it—–and today, John was kind in wanting to feature me.
Natalie, from Sacred Touches has told John about Cookiecrumbs, and wanted to share with others some of my works, of which I am grateful and truly humbled.

Here is the link. . .

(but you should know I was raised in the Episcopal Chruch 🙂 )

3 comments on “Here is a P.S. to today’s post

  1. Lynda says:

    Julie, what a beautiful tribute to you and your artistry – and you direct it all to our Lord. I have only one request – that you please share more of your art with us. Please!!

  2. Oh, John did a great job presenting your art and work on your blog! I’m so glad you agreed to let him feature you on his site. I know there are so many more out there who’d love to and/or need to follow your blog. Congratulations! Love, N ❤

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