Be content with what you have;
rejoice in the way things are.
When you realize there is nothing lacking,
the whole world belongs to you.

― Lao Tzu

“Satiety depends not at all on how much we eat, but on how we eat. It’s the same with happiness, the very same…happiness doesn’t depend on how many external blessings we have snatched from life. It depends only on our attitude toward them. There’s a saying about it in the Taoist ethic: ‘Whoever is capable of contentment will always be satisfied.”
― Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn



(Percy and Peaches enjoying life / Julie Cook / 2014-14)

Where is
your comfort
your peace
your happy place. . .

“Come to me my beloved. . .
My outstretched arms are longing waiting, aching, hoping to embrace you. . .
to hold you, to comfort you, to protect you, to warm you. . .
In my arms you may let go. . .
You may let go of all your worries, your excess, your burdens.
I want you to fall freely into my arms where you can finally exhale and rest. . .
Where you may finally find peace, warmth and contentment. . .
I am here my beloved, waiting. . .
Waiting for when you are ready. . .
Ready to let go of those things which separate us, which separate both you and I, keeping us apart. . .I am here, waiting, to offer you my warmth, my heart, my love. . .”

13 comments on “contentment

  1. I love this ending poem, and the thought that God offers this security and warmth to us every single day… He’s simply waiting for us to step into His arms. Great post!

  2. ptero9 says:

    Love the kitties Julie! They sure do know a lot about contentment. But they also know a lot about getting their needs met. 🙂


  3. yprior1 says:

    beautiful reminder 🙂 _ and cute pics – wonderful post

  4. Love the photos of the cats, and I love this post. How awesome is it that the Lord waits with open arms for us to come near for an embrace! Hugs, N ❤

  5. good evening Julie!! I was down your way this week in Atlanta for a quick trip! Love your post and your pictures of Percy and Peaches! 🙂

    • Well you should have let me know you were coming 🙂 I went into to Atlanta Wednesday to see dad, to see the Churchill exhibit and meet a friend for lunch—that’s just the right amount of time—too much time and the traffic and congestion begin taking their toll 🙂

      • I promise I will next time, Atlanta traffic is terrible. I had to go downtown which was even more of a problem because I don’t know the area at all. 🙂

      • You’re a braver man than I—I grew up there and I don’t drive downtown—I don’t know that place any more!! It’s crazy!! I don’t venture further south than Tech and the Varsity 🙂
        Happy Wood Michael!!

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