House hunting

Houses are like people – some you like and some you don’t like – and once in a while there is one you love.”
L.M. Montgomery

(male bluebird / Julie Cook / 2015)

With the recent advent of a few mild days followed by a few mild nights, offering a most welcomed, albeit brief, respite from the cold, dreary and wet. . . tired frigid thoughts are wistfully turning to the anticipation of longer warmer days ahead. . .and as it is with each new Spring, it happily appears a few of the locals have begun house hunting in earnest.

The bluebirds are getting an early start this year checking out the new houses on the market. It is the male who does the house hunting. Scoping out only the best for his intended. With her approval the couple will set up permanent residence in order to raise up to two different broods throughout Spring and Summer.

Surely Spring can’t be too far away if these harbingers of longer warmer days are already fast at work.




9 comments on “House hunting

  1. Hi Julie. Stunning photographs! Thanks for the dose of inspiration. I’m ready for spring 🙂

  2. Yvonne says:

    Gosh, that’s a handsome bird. Is that your bird house?

    • Hi Yvonne–happy Carnival! Yes he is a “local” bird—the eastern bluebird–and that’s one of the bird houses I have up on a tree. Bluebirds are very particular about their houses preferring small holes—they actually sell bluebird boxes which are made especially for the bluebirds and their peculiar particulars 🙂
      They have the cutest little blue eggs 🙂
      hugs to you—Julie

  3. Great photos, missy! I so wish bluebirds would come to my yard, but alas they do not. Thanks for the photographic treats ot coming spring. Love, N ❤

  4. dbp49 says:

    Lovely-looking little birds, and a fine looking future home. Like yourself, Spring can’t just can’t get here soon enough for me. 🙂

  5. David says:

    I wish we had bluebirds! Your birds seem so much more colourful than most of ours. I still enjoy watching them.

  6. lljostes says:

    So sweet! Thanks for the bit of bright color today!

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