Song for the innocents

A clear and innocent conscience fears nothing.
Elizabeth I

The Righteous person must suffer many things; but the Lord delivers him out of them all.
Psalm 34

DSC00465 2
(field sparrow / Julie Cook / 2015)

Broken hearted,
like a bird’s broken wing,
a soul far too weary, before its time,
longs to lift its voice. . .

Tears freely flow for the innocents,
those who are not so free,
savagely taken in a dark world
now grown callous and cold. . .

Who are these people who gleefully seek
the spilt blood of the Lamb?
Who relish in death and scorn life,
Who long to take rather than give. . .

What is the point in this latest battle?
Consuming each and every life until
there are no more lives to give?
This, as the parents weep
and the Nations grieve. . .

You and You alone hear our anguish,
and You see the captive’s pain.
You stand beside the brokenhearted mothers and fathers,
as the news is delivered. . .
Where does the savagery stop?

Our hope, Oh Lord, is in You and You alone,
as we dwell within a dark and fallen world. . .
Battered minds seek nothing more than to be numb,
burying themselves in things other than the actual,
Thinking that what is not seen or acknowledged,
will all simply disappear. . .

Those with purpose are quickly called. . .
The innocent and clear of conscious,
who ready themselves to do battle. . .
to offer compassion where there is none
To offer hope to the hopeless. . .

When will the just say no to injustice?
When will the children be saved?
When will the captives be set free?
When will the darkness scatter?
When will this madness end?

Our trust is found in Christ, Jesus
The One who overcame death.
The body may perish,
Yet the soul will not be silenced.
As the battles wage on
and evil rejoices,
while the faithful exclaim. . .
“O death where is thy sting”

Repay not evil with evil or railing with railing, but rather bless, and know that you are called to do this, so that you should inherit the blessing.
1 Peter 3:9

****Here is a link to the BBC story featuring the single letter Kayla Mueller, the young kidnapped American, wrote her parents regarding her time in captivity as a prisoner of IS (ISIS). She sent the letter out with fellow prisoners who were released as she was the lone female prisoner kept behind. Kayla turned 26 while in captivity. Kayla had gone to Syria, working with the humanitarian organization Hayata Destek, Support To Life, in order to help the refugee orphaned children in Syria whose lives had been displaced and shattered by the ongoing fighting. Kayla conducted art therapy projects with the kids, as children can often express themselves in drawings when words cannot be found. She noted that when the children asked her” where was her world” –then telling them, they asked why had her people not come to help them. . .her response was simply to cry along with and for the children. . .Prayers for the Mueller family and all the families globally who have been affected by IS —her family noted that Kayla “lived life with purpose”—may we all live with such purpose. . .

12 comments on “Song for the innocents

  1. Lynda says:

    Julie, thank you for this post and for the link to Kayla’s letter to her parents. There is such strength when one has deep faith in God yet I weep for Kayla’s family and for all those around the world who suffer so. The answer is not simple and does not lie in violence and I have no quick solutions. Our Lord weeps with us. May we bring peace and hope to all whom we meet and be co-creators with our Lord in bringing God’s kingdom here on earth. Blessings and prayers.

    • I just have such a difficult time understanding the mindset of groups such as IS and of those who wish to become apart of such hatred– those that are so bent on destruction with no regard to life—even the life of the innocents—
      May we all join in prayer for God’s Grace—love to you Lynda—Julie

  2. lorriebowden says:

    So sad…sometimes it is so hard to reconcile the things that we see happening in this world. But the scripture you closed with has such impact…so much meaning for me! Thank you for your beautiful spirit and for the feeling you have in your heart that you so clearly give to us! Many blessings…and Faith! ❤

    • I thank you Lorrie for your kind words—the sad loss of someone like Kayla who was a young hopeful soul who believed she could make a difference in such a deadly world is so hard to understand—but my trust is always that God is in the midsts of our anguish as He is in our triumphs—much love Lorrie—Julie

  3. Oh my gosh!!! I don’t even know how or what to say about such a stellar, loving, compassionate, and breathtaking post such as this! I wish there were a way to get this to Kayla’s family. You are just too amazing for words, dear, sweet Cookie!!! Much love and huge, huge, hugs, N ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Thank you Natalie—it’s one of those things once writes and wishes it could simply be read upon the evening news—where so many people could then see and hear that even in our grief there is hope—

      • And I wish I knew someone in the new business, either written or televised because I’d implore them to read and print it. I think if I were you, I’d send it to your local paper to see if they wouldn’t print in on their editorial page. Hugs, N ❤

  4. dbp49 says:

    I don’t even have any words, just tears, and an all-consuming sense of helplessness in the face of all this insanity that has so corrupted our world. I pray every night for even a little understanding, and though I have no doubt that even in this, the Lord’s Will shall not be thwarted, it still drives me to the very edge, and tests every shred of faith that God has blessed me with in all my years as a Christian. I thank you for saying what I could never have found words to say, and I just hope you know my silence in no way indicates a lack of caring, but simply a total inability to express that which I feel. Thanks again.

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