Should anyone be concerned?

In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.
Martin Luther King, Jr.

“. . . meekness,love, purity, these are the things that should magnify us.”
― Joseph Smith Jr.


(the mysterious silent beauty of orchids / Julie Cook / 2015)

Should I be concerned that ISIS executed another group of Ethiopian Christians over the weekend?
How many executions does this make? I think I’m losing count. . .

Yet sadly the only thing I’m hearing about such is. . . mostly silence.

Should I be concerned that Boko Haram, the violent Islamic group out of Nigeria, has vowed to follow suit, joining ISIS, creating a deadly alliance, and declaring total eradication of all Christians?
70 million Nigerian Christians most likely are not sleeping well tonight. . .
Oh, and by the way, they still have all “The Missing Girls”. . .

Again, sadly the only thing I’m hearing about such is predominately silence

Should I be concerned that last week, on one of those boats bringing “migrants” from the coast of Nigeria to southern Italy—illegally mind you, that 12 Christian migrants were thrown overboard by several Muslim migrants, all drowning in the choppy seas. . .simply for praying.
Yet with many of the migrant ships sinking on what seems to be a weekly basis, killing hundreds as it is. . .12 Christians is but a drop in the bucket. . .and anyway, this issue has all sorts of concern written all over it does it not. . .yet what does the UN, the EU, the US, Russia, China, or anyone else for that matter who matters, have to say. . .

Again, sadly, silence

Should I be concerned that I don’t hear much in the way of global outrage or concern for the worldwide Christian communities that seem to be living in harms way?
Oh wait, I think the Pope said something. . .
“complicit silence” I believe were his words. . .as in why are the leaders of the world remaining, or better yet, choosing to remain silent?

The Pope gets it.

Why are the global Christian communities, which are not in harms way, remaining silent?
Why aren’t we all standing on the roof tops saying that all of this must stop?

Did you catch 60 Minutes Sunday night?
What of the children being gassed in Syria??
Seeing those horrific images should be enough for any breathing human to utter. .
no more. . .
Are we not yet outraged enough to say a collective NO MORE??

I did, however, recently read somewhere that there is a push for some sort of solidarity in some Christian congregations throughout the US for parishioners to wear orange–a color symbolic of the infamous jumpsuits worn by the executed ISIS captives.

Yet I’ve not seen any news about such, nothing locally or nationally. I’ve heard of no ground swell over such. . .seen no orange out and about. . .

Why are we all so silent?

Why is the Jewish nation, silent?

Why are the atheists silent?

Why are the Buddhists silent?

Why are the Islamic faithful, who are not supporters of jihad and barbarism, remaining silent?

Should I be concerned?

Should any of us be concerned?

4 comments on “Should anyone be concerned?

  1. Of course, we all should be. But our president isn’t doing anything to rally people to the cause, and I think religious leaders would join in if he did. So for now, I guess all any of us can do is pray. Hugs, N 🙂 ❤

  2. ColorStorm says:

    There is a numbing effect jules, aided by a complacent media, that presents these horrific things moments before the ‘weather forecast.’ In other words, ho hum, just more news.

    The television shows and Hollywood movies have glamorized killing to the point that our eyes deceive us; seeing beheadings should bring the righteous rage of a president but nooooooooooo, it interferes with the tee time.

    Instead, we hear: ‘This is not right.’ Ya think Sherlock? The sad fact though, is, this is no surprise to God who says will wax worse and worse. Orange is good, but in this case, not too colorful….

  3. David says:

    We are silent because our so called leaders do not have the courage to name the problem and deal with it. The common thread that runs through all of this is Islam. Those poor people in the boats in the Mediterranean are running from Islam, yet if we do nothing and the Islamists get their way there will soon be no place left to run.

  4. Jenna Dee says:

    I am also distressed and disappointed that this world tragedy is not given the attention and help it deserves. I feel ashamed to be part of the human race who is silent and non caring. It seems it is all about the politics and nothing about the desperate people trying to find a safer life.

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