Falling comfortably back into place

“This is the place of places and and it is here.”
Gertrude Stein

“Therefore, the places in which we have experienced daydreaming reconstitute themselves in a new daydream, and it is because our memories of former dwelling-places are relived as day-dreams that these dwelling-places of the past remain in us for all time.”
― Gaston Bachelard

(the first “hummer” of the season is back home / Julie Cook / 2015)

When life has been demanding and there seems to be no time to self. . .
No time for. . .
savoring. . .
No moments of a luxuriously exhaled Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. . .

It is at just that precise moment. . .that single moment between breaking apart and holding on. . .
when eyes have glazed over,
nerves are at their rawest
and stress is out the roof. .
At that very and utter almost unbearable, catastrophic, breaking moment,
it is then. . .that it happens. . .
The familiar, the comforting, the nostalgic slips gently back into place. . .

An old familiar friend returns.
You find that long forgotten item of fuzzy feelings and internal warmth.
Happy loving memories come flooding to the forefront of the heart.
It is at that single miraculously wonderful moment that suddenly. . .all is once again,
right with the world. . .and you find that you can hang on one more day. . .

(foraging cardinal / Julie Cook / 2015)

(a tufted titmouse enrobed within the new spring foliage / Julie Cook /2105)

6 comments on “Falling comfortably back into place

  1. Christine Ledford says:

    I can relate to this one. Beautifully-stated, Julie.

  2. Lynda says:

    Beautiful reflection and beautiful pictures. Prayers that things are going relatively smoothly with your dad.

  3. Very nicely written, I an understand what you are feeling. I hope things get better with your dad, you and your family! Big Hugs!!! 🙂 lovely pictures too!

  4. Jenna Dee says:

    I’m happy for you Julie. Look after yourself, take some time every day with no phone or distractions just for you. You are precious. Love Jenna

    • thank you my sweet Jenna but it really wasn’t an “all me” kind of day—I had actually gone to Dads for the day before getting home and writing the post .
      The day and time spent sorting, organizing, taking Dad to the bank 3 separate times as there’d be something else left behind we’d forgotten, went very smoothly.
      Driving over to Dad’s, it was a beautiful clear blue sky kind of day. I got home early enough to poke around outside in the yard for a bit, taking in the new blooms, enjoying the birds and just feeling so glad that life is greening back up and all seemed at peace—for the time being no doubt 🙂
      Love to you Jenna—Julie

  5. Oh I love your birds, and this time of year getting out and about in our yards can assuage a host of ills and fatigue! I’m so glad you got some downtime outside with your birds and the burgeoning spring. Hugs, N 🙂 ❤

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