Pretty little redhead

“You’d find it easier to be bad than good if you had red hair.”
― L.M. Montgomery

Everybody thinks I’m crazy.
Yesiree, that’s me, that’s me.
That’s what I’m cracked up to be.
I chop a hole in every tree.
Knock on wood.
Well, knock on wood.
So, I’m crazy, so what?
What can I do?
So are you!

Woody Woodpecker 1941




(red headed woodpecker / Julie Cook / 2015)

(1947 Woody Woodpecker illustration)

One of my favorite birds to visit the yard. . .
Along with one of my favorite cartoon characters when I was little. . .
Here’s to colorful and very happy May Monday. . .

6 comments on “Pretty little redhead

  1. Andy Oldham says:

    Such great photos and my favorite cartoon character too! I find these Red Heads extremely hard to photograph. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Lynda says:

    I had red hair when I was a child although it turned auburn as I grew older – and now I don’t know what colour it would be. So I guess it was easier for me to be bad when I was young! Great quote.

  3. Wow, what great photos! I love it when they come to my yard too. Haven’t seen one yet this year, but I will I’ll betcha! And I loved the Woody the woodpecker cartoons too! Hugs and love, N 🙂 ❤

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