A disclaimer of Wonderment

“To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour.”

― William Blake

(beauty found in the wild grasses of a meadow / Julie Cook / 2015)

The beauty and wonder of nature. . .
They stand before us in majesty and splendor
just as they float to us upon a sweet whisper of wind.

Striking and stirring
Humbling and demure.

Perhaps you’ve seen the commercial, a car commercial I think. . .
A dad takes his young son, who is perhaps eight or so, to see the massive
great Sequoias of the Redwood Forest.
The child stands at the foot of one of the oldest and tallest trees on the planet with
little to no sense of acknowledgement other than a passing “thought they’d be bigger”
The dad simply looks at his son with a slight bemused smile of “Really??”

Next scene—-the dad stands with his son on the rim of the Grand Canyon with its sweeping and overwhelming beauty.
The child merely shrugs his shoulders with the unheard sound of an unimpressed “ehhhh”
The dad slowly shakes his head in disbelief–as if to say “you’ve got to be kidding me??”

The last scene is of the dad at the wheel of the car with his son strapped into the back seat. The car is stopped in the middle of a road that one assumes is in Yellowstone Park as a massive Bison has sauntered up to the child’s window and is staring down at a now very impressed young man.
He looks up at the bison then over to his dad with an ear to ear grin across his face, as the dad finally has a sense of satisfaction in having found something in this most majestic world that has left his son speechless. . .

I believe this commercial speaks volumes to our current plight of jadedness.

It seems we’ve become so inwardly involved with our technology, our gizmos and social media overload that we are failing to be impressed, let alone acknowledging, the outward wonders which surround us each and every day.

Are we failing when it comes to our youth who seem to be more impressed by video games, television and gadgets than by the gifts of Nature? Are we failing ourselves when we don’t stop long enough to wonder at a sunset, the blooms of a flower, the majesty of a tree—no longer impressed by blossoms, sprouting, growth or natural wonder?

I stop in on occasion to read various posts by other bloggers.
I am awed and humbled most often by the shared perspectives that are offered–be it thoughts regarding the beautiful gifts of Nature, the joy of creativity found in the Arts, or the teachings and shared delvings into our relationship with the Creator of the Universe.

One Christian site, whose author pretty much tells it like it is, mixes allegory with reality while painting a most colorful observation of the relationship of man to the Holy Word of God.
In so doing he has drawn the ire of a huge crowd of non believers, as well as a few lukewarm believers who find his view a bit much, extreme, or in the thoughts of some, just totally wrong.

I for one think that Christians (of any denomination) shouldn’t dumb things down nor should we sugar coat the Word of God—To the Believer, the word is The Word and to honor that Word it is what we do—I believe we call that worship. . .
To a non believer, however, it is all simply mumbo jumbo hocus pocus.
I therefore applaud this blogger’s approach to what we Christians deem as Truth—but what is Truth to some, speaks of falsehood to another. . .as is sadly, much the way of the world. . .

Unfortunately this particular blogger is besieged with vehement commentary that reeks of on-line bullying.
The teacher and mother in me gets quite upset with the ugly things thrown his way, which are in turn, subsequently thrown to those who respond with supportive comments. It’s one thing to disagree with a fellow blogger while offering a counter thought but to sling ugly names and accusations is something else entirely.

My thought is if you don’t like what you’re reading, for Heaven’s sake, go find what it is you do like reading. And if you find something you consider out in left field, well, seek the field that makes you happy. . .allowing the Christians their right to speak their minds while allowing all the other worldly and varying religions and non religions to speak their minds as well.

The blogging world is truly a vast region to be sure. . .

Why do we attack others and their opinions?
We are all still entitled to opinions are we not?
Good or bad?
Wrong or right?

What does a blog battle of believer verses non-believer have to do with a commercial, the grandeur of nature and of you and I. . .everyone must now be wondering. . .well. . .

I suppose it’s just that I marvel at those who don’t marvel in the created marvels which have us constantly and marvelously surrounded.
How does one stand on the edge of the Grand Canyon, or along the shoreline of an ocean or at the base of a massive tree without feeling awed, wowed, or simply swept up in the greatness by feeling perhaps humbled and small?

Maybe if we turned our sites outward, rather than inward.
Maybe if we found the wonderment in our natural surroundings.
Maybe if we fought less with one another and. . .
wondered more,
wandered more,
marveled more. . .

Yes, I claim the Word of God to be the Word offered to me, and to anyone else for that matter,
who has ear to hear or desire to seek. . .
I in turn offer it here, in small humbled doses, as He offers it to me to share.
I am a vessel,
a vehicle,
a facilitator.

I don’t have all the answers to all the questions.
I stumble and fall most often along this journey known as life.
I make mistakes and screw up royally as I am no poster child for what is Holy and Pure for I know that I am broken and flawed. . .
Yet it is in that brokeness that I find. . .
Salvation. . .

That’s just . . .
my thought,
my opinion,
my belief—
Something I’m still pretty certain I’m allowed to have. . .
Despite it not falling in-line with that of the World’s. . .

So if you don’t feel much like wondering, wandering or marveling in the marvelous world around you, you are free to leave in order to visit other places. . .
It is here that I hope to offer morsels, crumbs, and tastes of simple Wonderment from that which is truly Divine. . .

19 comments on “A disclaimer of Wonderment

  1. SwittersB says:

    Perfectly, eloquently stated….he/you are a threat…simple as that…to the vices, the agendas, the conscience.

  2. Kentucky Angel says:

    Beautifully written Julie. You have a wonderful way with words, and state the case so well. Thank you for saying the things that are in my heart.

    • thank you Angie—I just think we are all entitled to sharing our opinions without repercussions—as long as those opinions fall within legal and moral jurisdictions 🙂
      and if I don’t agree or like an opinion, I can disagree til the cows come home–with civility and kindness and or simply move on 🙂

      • Kentucky Angel says:

        Very true Julie. It takes a lot of courage to speak out this way, and I commend you for taking your courage to the public and speaking out. I tend to shy away from so many subjects, and am ashamed of myself for this.

      • Oh no Angie, never feel that way. I certainly don’t often speak as I should. This particular blogger is much more true to scripture than I ever tend to be—sometimes I feel badly that my blog is a hodge lodge of life verses strictly a “Christian” blog—it’s just that I tie my faith in with pretty much everything I write

      • Kentucky Angel says:

        I tend to climb on a soap box when I start to talk about religion, and I’m always afraid of offending someone. My sister stopped speaking to me because of some joking remarks I made about her at one time, so I learned my lesson there.

  3. ColorStorm says:

    Dang jewels, you brought the whole box of ‘cookies.’

    ———–I don’t have all the answers to all the questions.
    I stumble and fall most often along this journey known as life.
    I make mistakes and screw up royally ————-

    Indeed, but there is One who has all answers.
    He stumbles not
    He never errs. His name is Wonderful.


    Btw, never the saw the car ad, but I get it; the sense of rapture in the obvious is being displaced by ‘things.’

    Just a home run you have here. God honoring, relevant, and a very good spirit about it too.

    • I think it was the “dips%*t” remark that got to me most. . .
      Just not nice, nor fair, no something fun added to this little blogging world of ours. . .
      Thank you for always being truthful with God’s Word CS—-

      • ColorStorm says:

        Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks…………..

        Imagine how the London fog could influence a persons ‘walk.’

        God’s word tends to clear things up with this thing called light.

        Back atcha too pilgrim.

  4. Lynda says:

    Julie, always remember it is the fringe that is so vehement. Most people respect the opinions of other people even if they disagree with them. Jesus taught that we need to love even our enemies – very difficult but that is what we are asked to do. It is only possible through the power of the Holy Spirit and I believe that the Holy Spirit is so present in your writings. Blessings and prayers.

    • Thank you Lynda–your words mean so much—I agree it is a small number of “mean spirited” and hateful individuals but like the pebble in the shoe, they can be most annoying. As an outside observer most often, I am just amazed as how mean a handful of folks can be. . .

  5. Such a well written and heart felt post Julie and oh so true. I don’t understand all the mean spirited people…I grew up being told “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all”. We are all entitled to our opinions but mean ones should be left unsaid. Our belief in God and all he created is what makes this world special

  6. Wow, you go girl and get up on the soap box! This is splendid and you are so right about everything you addressed. I always say, “If you don’t like my peaches then don’t shake my tree.” I just don’t understand anybody who takes other people down for any reason. I don’t always agree with others, but by gosh they have as much right to their opinions as does anybody else. And after all it’s their time and their dime on their own blog and no one is forcing them to go there and read what any of us have to say. Love and hugs, my little believer
    “warrior.” ❤ ❤ ❤

  7. Wally Fry says:

    That was nicely done Julie. Our friend is not alone in being able to turn a phrase nicely.

    Eh..those guys. I feel much ambivalence sometimes about the whole thing. One hand we are instructed to give an answer with meekness and gentleness. Then we see we are to contend earnestly.

    There are things, however, which just cannot go unanswered, such as when gross insults are hurled in the face of our God. Not that He needs our defending, of course. Even though He doesn’t need it, maybe sometimes he expects it.

    We all have a role I guess and they all matter. I am a brawler by nature somewhat, and perhaps God wants to use it. On the other hand, it’s nice to have the kinder, gentler side to pick up the pieces and tend the wounded so to speak.

    Thanks for a good reminder, though, as even if we are on the side of right, we can easily slip into sinful behaviors ourselves.

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