life is a highway

Life is a highway
I wanna ride it all night long
If you’re going my way
I wanna drive it all night long

Chorus from Life is a Highway
Rascal Flats

(sitting on Atlanta’s infamous 285 / Julie Cook / 2015)

It was a beautiful blue sky, polka dotted popcorn cloud, kind of day.
The kind of day one should be on a road trip to the beach. . .
Not the kind of day to be racing the 70 miles over to Dads. . .

I get a call Saturday afternoon from the care giver. . .
The only thing I can understand and make out is
can’t breathe,
Ms Gloria. . .”

I immediately call Gloria’s son telling him the ambulance is on its way
as I’m grabbing my keys, racing out the door.

One would think that a Saturday’s drive to the city would be a piece of cake.
Just a carefree sort of blue sky kind of day,
A beautiful day for a drive. . .

Suddenly there is an odd sound coming from somewhere in my car or my head, or. . .

Atlanta does all of its interstate roadwork on weekends.
Upon my approach to the Perimeter, aka 285, I notice that traffic is backed up and at a dead stop.
Hummmmmmm. . .
Quickly deciding I’ll be smart. . .
I’ll just head straight, going straight through town, hitting the connector.
You know, downtown,
As in downtown. . .
As in Petula Clark now singing in my head. . .

So go downtown
Where all the lights are bright, downtown
Waiting for you tonight, downtown
You’re gonna be alright now, downtown

Hysterical laughter is again raining down from what I have determined to be the mystical traffic gods.

It’s a stop and go drive the entire way. . .
Are you freaking kidding me!!!!!???
It’s Saturday for heaven’s sake!!!!!!!

Here’s the question—
If I drive on the emergency outside lane, bypassing the madness, would a state patrolman
cut me any slack if I told him I’m trying to get to my dad’s as my 87 stepmother may be having
a heart attack?
Do I take the chance. . .

Long story short—-
Thankfully Gloria checks out fine.
With a few non threatening concerns to be addressed at a later date.
Dad is now much calmer
And life is back to its normal level of surrealism at 4825

As the sun begins to set, with everyone settled back into place,
it’s time to make the trek back home.
Traffic should be better, right?
It should be a breeze getting home. . .right?

The traffic gods are laughing again.

Stop and go.
45 minutes sitting on 285 when I should have been long gone,
It takes me an hour just to get on to I20 in order to head out of town.
Stop and go the entire way home. . .
It’s Saturday. . .
Are you freaking kidding me????

Does anyone ever go home, or get to where they want to go???

Oh. . .and should I be concerned when a storm chaser van, changing lanes, pulls in front of me
exiting onto my same exit?


I scan the blue sky and popcorn clouds.

I follow the storm chasers. . .
wondering, what’s in store for me further down the road. . .
when suddenly, I burst into song. . .

“Life’s like a road that you travel on
When there’s one day here and the next day gone
Sometimes you bend, sometimes you stand
Sometimes you turn your back to the wind
There’s a world outside ev’ry darkened door
Where blues won’t haunt you anymore
Where brave are free and lovers soar
Come ride with me to the distant shore
We won’t hesitate
To break down the garden gate
There’s not much time left today”

Life is a Highway
Rascal Flats

11 comments on “life is a highway

  1. Wally Fry says:

    Glad everything was ok!

    Never driven in Atlanta traffic, but have heard rumors…ugh. Traffic here is when there is more than one log truck on the two lane. Sure glad I live in the country now.

  2. Thank you Wally—my dad and step mom are big part of my life these days as I usually have a post or so weekly about those misadventures. . .and it is truly God’s Grace that sustains me. . .

    And please know that I am not admonishing you regarding your “conversations” or better yet, verbal brawls šŸ™‚ with the likes of Arch or that Egyptian god fellow, Ak. . .I wrote a post earlier this week about my frustrations and observations from reading CS’s posts and of the ugly comments and remarks left by those two and others—it saddens me as it takes on the ugliness of on-line bullying veiled in intelligent commentary.

    It just blows my mind how you and anyone else can write a post, stating your beliefs, thoughts, feelings, opinions and in like turn, be attacked for such. I’m of the mindset that we usually read and follow those who write things we enjoy—if we comment it is out or a sincere heart, kindness and a mutual respect. . .not so as I often see laced throughout the commentaries on various Christian based sites—-

    CS certainly knows of my feelings regarding such—the arguing for arguing’s sake that these guys and others adhere to is so terribly unproductive and counter to decency of a mutual respect—
    but there I go, getting on my soapbox—it’s the teacher in me—
    Blessings Wally and thank you—

    • Wally Fry says:

      Oh, I know you aren’t admonishing. But, on the other hand, sometimes these things are nothing more than slugfests, which is probably not very productive. I may have more thoughts as I read the other. Which I am going to do now.

      And why do I suspect your class was always under good control? Just a feeling I have.

  3. Lynda says:

    Julie, it looks just like Toronto traffic. I often wonder where everyone is going as it never seems to stop – even on the weekends. And yes, every couple of weeks in the summer in Toronto one of the major highways is closed for roadwork or for a charity event – or so it seems! Glad that it wasn’t anything serious. Blessings and prayers.

  4. Man the drama is really getting cranked up with your Dad and Gloria. I so wish you didn’t have so far to drive to get to them. I hope you came home and had some of what I’m positive was your delicious homemade Peach Ice Cream. I’m still salivating over the thought of that, missy! Hugs, N šŸ™‚ ā¤

  5. lljostes says:

    May your tires and gas tank always be full….God bless your travels to and from your Dad’s when the calls come in! Hugs ~ Laura

    • Having tires rotated as we speak Laura–thank you for the good wishes — have you started classes yet? Hope all is well your way–much love – Julie

      • lljostes says:

        You’re welcome, Julie! Just retrieved our youngest, now graduated, son from Nebraska. He’ll be at home until he figures out what to pursue for a job. He’s the one that changed his mind about Med School. Not for him. My school doesn’t begin until Sept. 8. Our summer is filling up with trips to weddings in different parts of the country, so I’m glad that I don’t have classes yet! Looking forward to them, though! šŸ™‚

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