Best intentions

“Hell is paved with good intentions.”
― Samuel Johnson

“A good intention, with a bad approach, often leads to a poor result.”
― Thomas A. Edison

(Variegated Fritillary visits the heather / Julie Cook / 2015)

(Variegated Fritillary visits the heather / Julie Cook / 2015)

Best intentions are not always best—and sometimes it takes a lifetime to finally, sadly, remorsefully understand such wisdom.
What is it that they, those anonymous and innocuous wise sages, say about that proverbial road to hell?
The one I fear I’ve spent a lifetime paving?

Despite the poor choice of yielding to those intended intentions, time and time again we see that it is actually our hearts which often steer us toward the kinder and gentler offering rather than the more difficult.
Which may just prove that it is indeed better to lead with one’s head, rather than one’s heart.

As a people we tend to lean toward wanting to be kind not tough, soft not hard.
And yet it seems that we as a people learn best by the harder knocks in life.
Those lessons in life that spare neither our feelings nor hearts.

As parents we experience all of this first hand do we not?
Tueri et provide — to protect and provide is the creed and motto of any parent.
We spend most of our time and energies wanting, and / or doing, just that for our children—
Yet it is not always the better decision, stance or choice.
A child’s hard lesson learned is usually a well lesson learned—it may be painful in the beginning, especially for the observing parent, but a great reward of character for the child in the long run.

And with all this talk of good intentions, one should know that inevitably there’s a whole lot of reaping and a whole lot sowing to be had.
And sadly good intentions don’t always seem to reap a like kind.
Instead they often times reap a whole lot of uncomfortableness, misfortune and misery.
Leaving behind those well intended souls, in the wake of the aftermath, like a deer in headlights wondering what just happened.

Thankfully there is another small thought or motto that has become a bit of a life-line
or actually it’s really more of a short sweet prayer which helps me through those moments when my best intentions get the better of me. . .

God, I blew it so please renew it. . .

And so once again, in this thing called life, as I look back on those intentions that may have, at the time seemed best yet rather turned out to be anything but best—even overflowing with negative repercussions, I once again offer up my prayer—
“God, I blew it. . .again. . . and it’s a mess, and only you can “renew” it. . .please help”

10 comments on “Best intentions

  1. Lynda says:

    We aren’t responsible for the reactions and responses of others but only for our own actions. God will redeem any situation – all that God asks of us is that we act with compassion and mercy as Jesus did. Blessings on this beautiful Sunday!

  2. Wally Fry says:

    Yep…a lifetime. We can waste it with good intentions, or reap something good with God’s grace. But, it’s our choice. As you said, the road to Hell is paved with those good intentions.

  3. Nicodemas says:

    Beautiful thoughts and photos. Only God can turn something good out of the bad. Why does it take so long for us to learn? Maybe we are learning by our mistakes. Peace.

  4. Oh no, mon ami. You are way too hard on yourself. You are a very wise person and I know that your intentions are always based on the goodness in your heart. We can never control the outcome. All we any of us can do is do the best we can with the information we have at hand at any given more. To look back down the road and judge we did or did not do is not a fair assessment of rightness for we learn and grow wise as we mature. Indeed we might not do what we did then the same way we would do it now, but that doesn’t make us flawed. It just makes us human. God is in control of everything and He could have changed your mind and/or your heart if that had been part of His plan. But it wasn’t and He was okay with it. That’s all we really need to know, Julie. Keep your eyes on the now and judge not the past. Love and hugs, N 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤

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