“Why do we have this desire to tease the innocent?
Is it envy?”

― Graham Greene

(premature color on a Japanese Maple / Julie Cook / 2015)

Is it a mere figment of the imagination. . . the poplars are turning yellow.
Walking past the closet, senses grow anxious. . .
Eyeing the tucked away browns and rusts, colors now beckon for a taste of change. . .
A small voice deep within asks, is it time?

Greens now yellowing, dry and brittle, scour the yard. . .does the recent winds signal a shift?
It’s early yet. . .dog days relentlessly nip . . .
yet something, which no one can put a finger on, stirs within–
a feeling of agitation, perhaps a tinge of the unsettling.

Out from under the unyielding sun, a tiny deviation presents itself
A precursor?
A harbinger?
A bit of hope?
Or. . .
just a bit of red where it should still be green. . .

5 comments on “teasing

  1. Very beautiful -Is this bright red colour too early in the season ?

    • Merci–oui, c’est très tôt–very early indeed and only a small section of the bush / tree has turned–the reminder will turn in late October or November—seems everyone and everything is sick and tired of this heat 🙂
      Happy Day to all in France!!!

  2. Oh I so hope these are signs of the winds of change. I’m so ready for fall and now you’ve really whetted my appetite for it. I am very sick of this heat and will be so glad when it’s gone. Love and hugs, sweet Julie. 🙂 ❤

    • You and me both– I think it’ll make your head feel so much better!
      I’m practicing on my iPad — I don’t ever use it, preferring my laptop but it goes with me when I travel abroad… So as per your instruction, 😎 I am practicing in this app getting ready for the jaunt over the pond 😊

      • Oh, good, I’m know you can do it. I have an ipad but I don’t use it very often and opted to use my phone once I figured out how to do it as it was one less thing to pack. Let me know if I can help in any way. Love you, N

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