When the scuppernongs hang heavy

“We are homesick most for the places we have never known.”
― Carson McCullers

“The winter will be short, the summer long,
The autumn amber-hued, sunny and hot,
Tasting of cider and of scuppernong.”

Elinor Wylie

(wild growing scuppernongs after a morning rain / Troup Co, Ga / Julie Cook / 2015)

(wild scuppernongs hang high in the trees / Troup Co, Ga / Julie Cook / 2015)

What is your trigger—that certain thing, person or place. . .
when seen, heard or tasted. . .transports you to a different time, a different place?
That single something that magically erases the years and lightens your step?

Is it a smell, a perfume, a scent. . .
Perhaps the sound of bells ringing, children laughing or birds singing. . .
Maybe it’s the sight of a balloon, a leaf gently blowing in the breeze. . .
or maybe, just maybe. . .
it’s the sight of the scuppernongs hanging heavy on the vine. . .

Pour, Bacchus! the remembering wine;
Retrieve the loss of me and mine!
Vine for vine be antidote,
And the grape requite the lote!
Haste to cure the old despair,—
Reason in Nature’s lotus drenched,
The memory of ages quenched;
Give them again to shine;
Let wine repair what this undid;
And where the infection slid,
A dazzling memory revive;
Refresh the faded tints,
Recut the aged prints,
And write my old adventures with the pen
Which on the first day drew,
Upon the tablets blue,
The dancing Pleiads and eternal men.

Ralph Waldo Emerson
line 50-65

(wild scuppernongs / Troup Co, Ga / Julie Cook / 2015)

(wild scuppernongs / Troup Co, Ga / Julie Cook / 2015)

8 comments on “When the scuppernongs hang heavy

  1. Perfume of pastry cooking … it reminds me of my mother, but also of our family friend who had a delicious pastry – high quality shop -and he was a generous man in many ways.

  2. Lynda says:

    Rain on the roof reminds me of being at the cottage with the children and how wonderful it was to lie in bed and listen to the rain on the roof or sit on the porch and watch the rain on the lake. It was a wonderful time in my life but the present is also a wonderful time which I wouldn’t trade for anything. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!!

    • The rain, in September always reminds me of lazy rainy days in college –I can still see the tree from our dorm window as it stood in the grey rain—yet there was something comforting as we were all gathered in for the afternoon—

  3. Oh, thanks for showing me what scuppernongs look like. I’ve always wondered. I love their name. Oh, the thing that takes me back the fastest is the sea, its sights, its sounds, its smells. But then like Lynda said, rain takes me back and like France said, cooking aromas take me back too. Love this post and the memories it brought back. Hugs, N 🙂 ❤

    • my grandmother always called them scuppernongs rather than muscadines—but the scuppernongs are the older variety—their discovery dated back to a Spanish explorer in the mid 1500’s finding them in what is present day coast North Carolina—they are considered North America’s first “grape” varietal—-Thomas Jefferson made scuppernong wine–and that is your historical botanical tidbit for the day –from trivia extraordinaire cookie 🙂

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