Nous pleurons avec vous France

All for one and one for all,
united we stand divided we fall.”

― Alexandre Dumas

(Winged Victory, The Louvre / Julie Cook / 2011)

Dear France:
We weep freely for, as well as with, you–our dear friends
Our hearts are breaking
Our minds are reeling
Yet we stand together with you in our determination to live united in Liberté

God bless France
Vive la France

11 comments on “Nous pleurons avec vous France

  1. I join with you tonight in your weeping for France and petition for God to bless them. It is just breaking my heart for my beloved city of lights. 😦 😦 😦

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  3. Wally Fry says:

    Oh..amen Julie…amen. Sigh.

  4. MyoPaname says:

    Merci pour cette solidarité …

  5. God bless France in this time of crisis. We stand with you ….there is strength in numbers, whatever it takes!

  6. ColorStorm says:

    The jewel has lost a bit of lustre today………..

    Thank God for hope, and a new tomorrow.

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