Do you prefer taking the easy way or the hard way…

(An iron cross sits in the cemetery of Saint Cóemgen’s better known as St Kevin’s Monastery, Glendalough National Park, County Wicklow, Ireland / Julie Cook / 2015)

Given the current mess throughout this world of ours…
the fighting, the dying, the martyrdom,
the lack of choice, the excess of choice, the lack of tolerance the overt tolerance,
the whole “she said, he said” tit for tat bickering and feuding over beliefs…who’s right, who’s wrong, who’s in, who’s out, who’s with, who’s against, is it a yes or is it a no…or is it or else…

Is it then any wonder that so many folks around this globe claim to be either atheist or agnostic or something else entirely… sans any sort of deity or set belief system…?! As if believing in nothing or, say a tree, would be easier than believing in a deity that requires a great deal of follower…or seems to be the very reason for all the current ruckus in the world…?!

Anyone looking closely enough would be hard pressed not to understand why, given the sad plight of so very many people globally who are displaced, living under cruel regimes, suffering from disease, hunger, homelessness, isolation, torture, loss, fear… with nary a ray of hope in sight….that there is such a deep mistrust and skepticism when none of those folks who profess to be followers of the All knowing and All caring come to offer aid, succor, comfort, help, assistance, support or relief yet rather choose to squabble, bicker, fuss, cuss, fight, kill and destroy one another….

Is it any wonder that folks find it difficult believing in as well as following Something or Someone they’ve never seen, spoken to face to face, touched, hugged, shaken hands with, shared a meal with or simply hung out with…

Yet that’s exactly what those who believe in a monotheistic “god” do…they believe in the unbelievable while they, those very believers, are to be the living embodiment of that monotheistic Deity by giving others a glimpse as to whom and what that monotheistic “God” is all about….compassion, caring, trust, integrity, honesty…

We, the body of believers, must ask ourselves…are we doing a good job at such?
And if we answer no… then we must ask ourselves—why not?

Yet those of us who do believe, who have chosen to follow the Son of that very Deity… the One True God, have chosen what seems to be the most difficult task in a world of ever growing disbelief, mistrust, skepticism, resentment and down rate hatred… to believe and follow when a world turns in the opposite direction.

Staring down the barrel of a loaded gun or on your knees with hands tied behind your back as a sword is raised at your head or as you’re being hoisted up a tree with a rope around your neck or as you lay on the ground with a cold knife pressing into your neck as you’re asked one simple question—a question between life and death…”are you a Christian??”
with the easy answer being “NO!”

Yet those who have chosen the harder path, the path less traveled by the world resoundingly respond…

Do you prefer easy or hard?

23 comments on “Do you prefer taking the easy way or the hard way…

  1. Lynda says:

    Julie, this is the million dollar question for me – is my faith strong enough to be martyred for my Lord? I have asked myself that question on many occasions and I pray that my love for Jesus is greater than anything else in my life could ever be. I have had to stand up for my faith in many ways throughout my life but I have never been challenged with life or death in the literal sense. I pray that my life will be a witness to the love of God so that others will be drawn to our Lord. Blessings on your day!

  2. atimetoshare says:

    As I get older this question remains. Would I die for my faith? Would I give up everything to follow Jesus? Each day, I long for heaven because of the turmoil this earth is in. I often pray that the day comes soon, but when push comes to shove, I still love my life and I know that God has a reason for keeping me around for so long.

    • I too wonder Kathy if push came to shove what would I do…I pray that I would indeed have courage—just being caught off guard when I’m out and about just going about life in my little world and I’m confronted with an opportunity, I’ve seen myself sadly often skirt around the issue out of wanting to be polite…etc—I am working on being more forthcoming as the occasion may arise!!

  3. David says:

    Greetings from a wet and windy Dublin, Julie. I think the honest answer for all of us is easy. But I think if we were put in the position, which we may very well be one day, then we would not deny our Lord.

    • Lynda says:

      I pray that you are correct David! Thank you for these words of encouragement.

    • Oh I wish you hadn’t told me that cause now I’m “homesick” 🍀☘ and echoing Lynda– I pray you are correct David — I’ve never been in a life and death, either or situation, I would pray that I would rise to the occasion — eat at Gallagher’s boxty house over in temple bar– it’s not one of the tourist trap places– really really good food and not expensive –the chicken boxty is divine and have a Stonewells cider for me

      • David says:

        Too late Julie! I already ate in the hotel – I am out on the edge of the city in a hotel close to the location I visited today and to the one I have to visit tomorrow. Then all being well it is the afternoon flight to Birmingham and home by about 8:00pm. I am trying to use the time here to get as much of the report written as possible. Plus I am recovering from a nasty cold – something I seem to have picked up in Portugal last week (where the seafood was just wonderful, as was the Vino Verde and the Port!). Blessings, David

      • Then with all the sun and yummy seafood I’ve heard about I may not feel badly about you’re having caught a cold 😏

  4. Nicodemas says:

    I love this post Julie! Thank you, it is so very needed.

  5. “Yet that’s exactly what those who believe in a monotheistic “god” do…they believe in the unbelievable while they, those very believers, are to be the living embodiment of that monotheistic Deity by giving others a glimpse as to whom and what that monotheistic “God” is all about….compassion, caring, trust, integrity, honesty…” These words are pure genius and pure truth! I so pray that all of us would hold our ground even in the face of the ones who would take our lives for our beliefs.
    Damn, Julie, I don’t know what happened to your in Ireland, but whatever it was it’s got God’s signature all over it. Your writing voice just gets stronger and stronger and stronger. I’m awed by it. Love and hugs, Natalie 🙂 ❤

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