Are you happy with what you seek

“There are only three types of people; those who have found God and serve him; those who have not found God and seek him, and those who live not seeking, or finding him. The first are rational and happy; the second unhappy and rational, and the third foolish and unhappy.”
Blaise Pascal

(St Kevin’s Monastery, Gleandalough National Park, County Wicklow, Ireland / Julie Cook / 2015)

Where is it that you go always looking to and fro?
Is your life filled with too much noise and a quest for grander toys?
Is it all simply too distracting, time consuming and soul extracting?
Are your days spent wasted while your heart lays empty,
As you whittle away your life with that which is small and petty?

Listen now my friends to the wisdom offered long ago….

Up now, slight man! Flee for a little while, thy occupations; hide thyself, for a time from thy disturbing thoughts. Cast aside now thy burdensome cares, and put away thy toilsome business. Yield room for some little time to God; and rest for a little time in him. Enter the inner chamber of thy mind; shut out all thoughts save that of God, and such as can aid thee in seeking him; close thy door and seek him. Speak now, my whole heart! speak now to God, saying, I seek thy face; thy face, Lord, will I seek (Psalms 27:8). And come thou now, O Lord my God, teach my heart where and how it may seek thee, where and how it may find thee.
St Anslem

May your days be many and your troubles be few. May all God’s blessings descend upon you. May peace be within you may your heart be strong. May you find what you’re seeking wherever you roam.”
Irish Blessings

8 comments on “Are you happy with what you seek

  1. Wally Fry says:

    Love that opening quote Julie. How true it is huh?

    • I thought it amazingly very timely— 🙂

      • Wally Fry says:

        Indeed it was. I see that all of the time in blogworld. I do believe the Holy Spirit moves among those who write here to point them in the direction they need to go.

      • Oh I agree 100% Wally—there are days so many of us have the same sort of thought just saying it slightly different ways–so I see that as God / the Holy Spirit directing us to all share within the same vein of thinking—maybe it’s the thought that if enough people say it, surly it will sink in to at least one person’s head and heart…

  2. DeniseBalog says:

    Planting seeds Julia in the Kingdom. The Holy Spirit will water and bring the growth:) blessings, d Sure enjoyed your photos and post:)

  3. atimetoshare says:

    I love the Irish blessing. They sure know how to make is feel good.

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