Pride, greatness, nothingness

“if we cannot resemble God in his sovereign independence,
he wishes to resemble us in our humility.”

Meditations for Lent
Jacques-Benigne Bossuet

(lavender blooming / Julie Cook / 2016)

Promises of greatness
Blinded by pride….
Fall now endlessly into the abyss of nothingness…

Independence caught by humility
Rescued by Grace
Fall into the hands of a Sovereign heart

Man has made himself god through his pride.
God makes himself man through his humility.
Man falsely credits himself with God’s greatness,
and God truly takes on man’s nothingness

Meditations for Lent
Jacques-Benigne Bossuet

6 comments on “Pride, greatness, nothingness

  1. Gorgeous photo of the lavender. And again your post hits the nail on the head. Ya know God began pursuing us from the day in the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve fell from grace. He made them clothes and gave them instructions on how to go forward. Then their one of their two children killed the other and so over and over again man has fallen from grace because of his foolish pride, arrogance, and lack of humility. And still today after the Lord sent His son to give us a clear black and white example of how we are supposed to live our lives, 2000 years later some still don’t get it and worse yet is that now many thing it’s all just a myth. Talk about patience! Even my brother-in-law who’s only alive because he has the miracle of a new and healthy heart beating in his chest, has yet to get down on his knees and thank Jesus in gratitude for the gift! 😦 😦 😦

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