The depravity of craziness

I don’t think that you can let the storms of life overwhelm you.
When you do that,
you are no better than the craziness that caused you to be under attack.

T. D. Jakes

(blooming Japanese maple / Julie Cook / 2016)

Who among us, who is alive, breathing and kicking…
Isn’t scratching their heads in pure wonderment over
this growing maelstrom,
otherwise known to the world as…
the US Presidential Race…???

Firstly the word embarrassment comes to mind…

From the hateful exchanges between candidates…
(the he said, she said, you said, they said…no they didn’ts)

From the loss of civility among educated adults…
(who actually says this kind of stuff…in private let alone in public…
and is actually proud of it??)

From the loss of civility among adults…
(just look at any campaign rally to see grownups, and not so grownups, behaving badly…
very, very badly)

From the hateful remarks by the candidates about the voters…
(last I checked people were voting and voting in a big way for these people so that alone should stand by
itself as some sort of testament to the condition, perceived or real, by the voters of this country—or have we and the candidates forgotten that the voters do matter and should not be perceived as idiots…
as the candidates and the news media assume us all to be…)

From the ridiculous questions asked by the news media of the candidates…
(“did you have an affair…” Not rather the more pressing or pertinent or real questions
such as “what will you do for the economy, what will you do about ISIS, how will you help heal this hurting Nation…
Sadly it is rather the gossipy and salacious…
that scintillating dribble of questions worthy only of tabloid fodder)

From the globally wide laughing joke we’ve become…
(the world now sits dumbfounded, as do I, watching this mockery of our nation’s highest office…)

From the endless sea of mindless freak show spectacles debates…
(how many times and or ways can a person say the same thing??
Or perhaps it’s really just a way to watch them all slowly continuing putting their shoes
and high heels into their mouthes….)

To the frightening reality that one of these 4 individuals (the 5th is just hanging around,
or so we are told) will be the next President of the United States of America—
(As we may note that the word “united” is becoming a bit iffy)

Becoming the President of the United States is a big deal.
It is a VERY big deal.
Yet I fear these 4 (or 5 if you’re still counting) get it.
I don’t think the news media gets it.
I don’t think this country gets it…

Or maybe that’s it…
Maybe the Country no longer cares…
As in it has all merely swirled into a giant mess of pure political anarchy—
as if politics hadn’t been bad enough,
it’s now turned sadly into more of a circus then an organized process.

A free for all…
An all out, knock down, drag out…
fists flying…
name calling…
every dirty trick in the book…

All the while as our media, our entertainment industry and our economic machines wrangle with every sneaky hook and crook maneuver to steer the election into their own personal favored corner…
forget the vote of the democratic little person that makes this country what it is…

I realize that politics and voting and governments have never been as they should be–
On the up and up,
models of decorum
the pinnacle of civility
a seamless process
a one size fits all sort of business…

People are people…sadly
And they have been known to beg, borrow and steal…
Plus throw in a little bit of lying, demoralizing, swindling and scandalizing of one another…

But this year, I think most of us would sadly agree, it has fallen to an all time low—on all sides of the spectrum….

Such that I have very real and very grave concerns for this Nation as a whole…
Most folks my age and older do as well…
I think we call that hindsight.

Yet a fellow blogger and brother in Christ, Wally over on posted a wonderful little placard yesterday that stated:
No matter who is president, Jesus is King…

I find great comfort in knowing that as the world around me oozes away, lost unto itself and to its own depraved craziness…
Jesus Christ remains the Resurrected Lord of All….

All hail the power of Jesus’ name!
Let angels prostrate fall;
bring forth the royal diadem,
and crown him Lord of all.
Bring forth the royal diadem,
and crown him Lord of all.

Ye chosen seed of Israel’s race,
ye ransomed from the fall,
hail him who saves you by his grace,
and crown him Lord of all.
Hail him who saves you by his grace,
and crown him Lord of all.

Sinners, whose love can ne’er forget
the wormwood and the gall,
go spread your trophies at his feet,
and crown him Lord of all.
Go spread your trophies at his feet,
and crown him Lord of all.

Let every kindred, every tribe
on this terrestrial ball,
to him all majesty ascribe,
and crown him Lord of all.
To him all majesty ascribe,
and crown him Lord of all.

Crown him, ye martyrs of your God,
who from his altar call;
extol the Stem of Jesse’s Rod,
and crown him Lord of all.
Extol the Stem of Jesse’s Rod,
and crown him Lord of all.

O that with yonder sacred throng
we at his feet may fall!
We’ll join the everlasting song,
and crown him Lord of all.
We’ll join the everlasting song,
and crown him Lord of all.

All Hail The Power Of Jesus Name
words by Edward Perronet (1780)
Tune Coronation by Oliver Holden

20 comments on “The depravity of craziness

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  2. Clyde Herrin says:

    The craziness we see in the election process is a symptom of a much deeper problem; the people of America have turned away from God. God judges nations that forget him and sometime the judgment consists of giving them evil and incompetent rulers. Our nation’s only hope is for Christians to turn back to full obedience to God so we can claim his promise in 2 Chronicles 7:14.

    • That is totally true Clyde—a Godless nation that has also turned its back on Israel…will not find favor with God—the majority does not “get this” and sadly things will only get worse…
      It is time that Christians speak up, being silenced no longer…

  3. Reblogged this on Talmidimblogging and commented:

  4. says:

    Dear, little, Yoda, I understand your confusion and hopelessness, but never, we always have the FORCE with us. Great post. This whole thing is a joke. I feel that our votes don’t really count anyway. It’s already been decided by the money mongers.

    • Truth you speak oh great Jabba—or maybe Kathy, you’re more like JarJarBinks 🙂
      at any rate, you are correct—our votes don’t seem to even matter—especially when you hear talk of contested conventions—throwing the baby out with the bathwater—as the American people are merely considered expendable

      • says:

        Amen! Who’s JarJarBinks?

      • You must not be much of a Star Wars follower– he was in one of those middle to late episodes– he was a funny character 🙂 my so was young enough at the time to have mom go with him to the movies 🙂

      • says:

        You’re younger than I am. The only ones I remember are Luke, Leia, Han, Chewbaka, Obi, Darth, R2D2, C3po, Yoda and Jabba. My kids went to those first ones and were old enough to go alone. I never really got into the space movies. Im glad to know that JarJarBinks was funny though, rather than a blob of jello.

      • look up Jarjar—-I too could take or leave the whole Star Wars, Star Trek…but I did take Brenton when he was young…I did not see the last two as in his late 20’s and married, he’s on his own 🙂
        But Jarjar is silly and funny…one of the good guys and not mean nor evil like the giant blob of jello who chains princesses to himself….

      • says:

        I looked him up. Sure beats Tubba Jabba. Just call me Jar Jar from now on.

  5. Lynda says:

    These are unsettling times but we always need to remember that God holds us in God’s arms and that the future is held by God. We are not alone! Thanks be to God. As an aside, the semester is finished! Hope things are okay with you Julie as I haven’t even had time to stop by.

  6. Cldye Herrin hit the nail squarely on the head. Yet God is still in control and I am hopeful that somehow He will lead this great nation by to Him.
    🙂 ❤

  7. Wally Fry says:


    Thanks, you are very kind Julie.

    It amazes me sometimes..and should not I suppose, how we often feed off the thoughts of others. How one simple thing can put something in another’s head that becomes a great thing, depending on their particular gift.

    • Thanks for sharing Wally—

      • Wally Fry says:

        I realized something over that last couple of weeks Julie about the sharing that goes on here. Some would say..”oh, that’s just the internet, it’s not real. ”

        I would strongly disagree. I have been working so much that last couple of weeks, and then revival last week, that I have hardly been around. What I found is that it made me feel the same way I do when I miss actually church. I miss my peeps

      • I totally understand—and agree

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