the cure

“Goodbye to Rosie the queen of Corona
See you, me and Julio
Down by the schoolyard”

lyrics by Paul Simon

(they say it help / Julie Cook / 2015)

Probably not the image you’d expect seeing on a Sunday morning.
And no, this is not an advertisement for Corona or beer or anything along those lines…
and the truth be told, I don’t even much care for beer.
I’ve always been a bit more hard core but this is not about that….

This is actually the image of a suggestion…
or rather the recommendation of a curative…

And if the truth be told, there has been more than one well meaning
family member and friend who has wholeheartedly and
even joyously made this recommendation.

For some, this is more of an excuse hidden within a recommendation…
For me it’s a last ditch effort of relief from misery.

Part of this is most likely my own fault as I have always been more camel than human.

(image courtesy of ABC)

I’ve never been one to consume those 8 glasses of 8 ounces of water a day.
64 ounces is a lot of liquid to have sloshing around in ones stomach.
I don’t usually drink anything while I’m eating,
waiting I suppose to wash it all down,
after the fact, with a swallow of whatever has been offered.

I’m bad to nurse a bottle of water on and off for most of the day.
Sometimes I finish it, sometimes I don’t.
I probably run on more dehydration than I do on hydration.

Yet I do know the importance of keeping hydrated—
it flushes out the kidneys, ridding the body of toxins…
it keeps the blood flowing smoothly, the skin nice and plump
and it keeps the brain running smoothly—

So think plum verses prune.

They told me in the ER to drink, drink, drink…

So far today I’ve already finished all of these…


2,480 ounces thus far, add to that one 12 oz beer and I hope I’m drowning any and all kidney stones
stuck in this body of mine, causing me all this tremendous pain and suffering.

Is it bad that I’m drinking a beer while sitting propped up on a heating pad?

I am however currently watching my beloved Bulldogs playing against UNC, so I suppose
it’s in keeping with the spirit of the game…..

I’m however still putting my money on the disc causing most of my woe…

Yet with all this talk of cure alls, curatives and snake oil treatments….
this business of drinking lots of beer in order to flush out the stones…
It’s all gotten me thinking…

So often in our lives, the cures are often worse than our ailments—ask any cancer fighter who has endured chemo, radiation and radical surgeries all in order to either cure or prolong life…
Chances are that they will tell you first hand that if it doesn’t kill you, those potential cures and helps…those things indeed to help….may or may not help you in the end, but it, whatever it is, will make you stronger…
if you survive it….

We fight hard when told our very lives, health and wellbeing depend on it,
we find ourselves willing to do and endure almost anything for the sake of living…
Despite our not having always tended to those very things we should have early on…
which, more often than not, could have prevented or avoided a bit longer the
precarious health predicament we may be currently finding ourselves in….

Yet what of our spiritual lives and our spiritual health?

More often times than not we live our lives with very little thought to our
spiritual health and well being–
that is until we find ourselves facing a crisis of unsurmountable proportions…
For despite what the critics will say,
we are spiritual beings—
spending the majority of our lives, most often unconsciously, searching for that reunion with our Creator…

It is only, for the majority of us, that when we find ourselves scared or in a tight fix,
that is when we turn our thoughts to God, Jesus and our very salvation…

When we feel backed into a corner, helpless, defenseless and hopeless…
never mind that the majority of time when life was foot loose and fancy free,
that our thoughts were on living life and far from anything “other than”…
We had no need, no urgency to keep our spiritual health in check because we were…

And isn’t that what life is all about…. living?
Leaving any and all thoughts of spirituality and that of a spiritual need to those in need..
those who are sick or dying…..

And there was Peter, full of Peter, living in the moment of desperately wanting to come met Jesus out on the water—despite the raging storm—
and yet it was that very raging storm that diverted Peter’s attention as he took his eyes,
his faith and his trust off of Jesus…
turning instead to face a fierce and consuming storm…
At which time, he began to sink, crying out for “salvation”

It is exactly when we are happy, healthy and full of life that we need
to tend to our full being—
both the physical as well as the spiritual.

We take our cars in for regular maintenance, check-ups and oil changes because they
are a huge investment and we know that maintaining them prolongs their “life” and performance…

Yet the question begs…
why don’t we do the same for ourselves…?

Here’s to another bottle of water….

But I will restore you to health
and heal your wounds,’
declares the Lord,
‘because you are called an outcast,
Zion for whom no one cares.’

Jeremiah 30:17

20 comments on “the cure

  1. Lynda says:

    God’s warning that it’s time to slow down and focus on your own health – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. God often tells me to rest in God. It’s so easy to be busy. May this time, although painful, be a resting time for you. Blessings and prayers.

  2. I recall when our youngest daughter was still a toddler ~ now middle-aged ~ she had an UTI. The pediatrician prescribed a six-pack of beer to help her flush it out. Administered over several days, it worked. Not to sure I would follow that same advice again, however.

    • a friend of mine in Ireland told that the OBGYN’s would tell expectant mothers to drink Guinness as it was high in iron…
      I don’t think I’d try that—for one reason, I don’t like the strong taste of Guinness but he said that they would put in a bit of a raspberry liqueur to offset the bitterness—but it was like the pediatrician telling my mom to give my brother coffee to combat his hyperactivity—there is some rational in the cure….

  3. Wally Fry says:

    Know why I got kidney stones?

    Too many turnip greens…the calcium did it

    Friend had tons of fresh and I ate the every day for a couple of weeks


  4. says:

    Drink, drink, drink and see your doctor. Can anyone help with your dad

    • Oh I have been but I really think most of this trouble is the herniated disc– of which it’ll be off to the orthopedic– my reg doc is the one who sent my to the ER — who lost me in their black hole of madness 😱🍺🍻

  5. Hoping you feel better soon! Water, drink lots of water!

  6. Julie, Julie, Julie you MUST drink water. I was bad about it too and now I try to drink too large cups of water that I get at QT everyday. I make them full of ice and water and drink them throughout the course of the day. Why not from the bottles like you showed in the photo. I found that I wasn’t drinking enough like that, but if I got cups of water and ice that I drink through a straw, I would. I take them where I go and the straw inspires me to drink much more often than opening up one of those bottles. Call it crazy or whatever you like, it works for me. And Lynda is right the Lord is stepping in now because you have GOT to slow down and quit pushing yourself so hard. You are mentally, emotionally, and physically spent. Take your dad to the doc this week and then home to the caregiver you have there. Then GO home and take care of yourself. If you use yourself up, you won’t have anything left to give or anyway to care for your dad. We finally had to get a “babysitter” or whatever you call those people, to come in once a week, and let James and I get out for a little while. Please, please, please heed these warnings that your body is sending you and take care of yourself. Love and hugs, N 🙂 ❤

  7. ColorStorm says:

    Your sense of humor in all this is commendable jewels.

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