The Resistance

“Resistance is the protest of those who hope,
and hope is the feast of the people who resist”

Jürgen Moltmann

(archived photo of French Resistance fighters)

If you know anything of the history of World War II, you are most likely familiar with the
role ‘The Resistance’ played in helping to defeat Hitler and his raging Nazi machine.

There were many resistance groups scattered across occupied Europe during those
dark days of Hitler’s unrelenting march toward total European control…

There were those in Rome, working behind the walls of St Peter’s under the watchful eye
of Pope Pius XII…
Just as there were those deep within Germany herself working precariously
within dangerous clandestine shadows to sabotage the Nazi juggernaut…

But the most notable group of partisans were those brave men and women of the French Resistance.
Those everyday citizens who risked everything, which was most often their lives,
as well as the lives of those they loved, all in hopes of undermining Germany’s
control of France and the ever advancing deadly reach westward.

I suppose it is fitting to actually call their actions a true form of guerrilla warfare…
As countless secret codes, messages and Allied information was ferried in and out,
deep from behind and within the enemy lines of the occupied nation.
Explosives, used to blow up bridges and railways, in hopes of cutting supply lines,
were a constant worry for advancing Nazi troops as this secret army of ever hopeful citizens
was key to helping keep hope alive globally…
Hope that all was not truly lost.


I often feel as if I have become a fighting member of a new resistance movement…
As the growing secularization of Western Civilization marches ever wider,
tightening its grasp and choke hold on the very foundation of our Judaeo Christian faith
and of the very real concept of humanity and morality…

The powers that be, those who work to rewrite Truth, while pointing deadly accusatory
fingers at those who still cling to that Truth,
mark those who remain steadfast in the love and knowledge of the Word of God
and of the Resurrection of His son as…
intolerant, as well as lacking the intelligence to jump on the current trend for
the quickly growing progressive Esprit de Corps.

Backwards fairtalists who live in the dark of Commandments, Covenants and pure make believe
is what we are being labeled as we are met with growing ridicule and condemnation.

We are being sold out by our leaders as they quickly label us as
intolerant, bigoted, xenophobic or simply deplorable ignorant rednecks…
as they try to sell the world a hopeless bag of goods disguised as an
all inclusive pie in the sky…
for they tout that each individual is who they are and whatever that may be
is perfectly great…

Does it matter that you look in the mirror and great and happiness, and contentment
and even satisfaction is not necessarily looking back…?

Our entertainment industry spews out raunchy and lewd innuendos as artistic,
comedic, current and trendy….
while we are mocked for finding it less then humorous…

Our news media has mastered the art of spin in hopes that no one
will be able to really sort fact from fiction…
as we are scorned for attempting to point out the Truth….

Yet Hope does remain…
For the Word of God remains…

For the Word of God cannot,
will not
nor will it ever be silenced…

For in that never-ending Hope is rooted in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ…

May we, who are called to the Resistance continue to fight the good fight
as we each become a member of God’s rebellion against this culture of Death….

The resurrection faith is not proved true by means of historical evidence,
or only in the next world.
It is proved here and now, through the courage for revolt,
the protest against deadly powers, and the self-giving of men and women for the victory of life.
It is impossible to talk convincingly about Christ’s resurrection without
participating in the movement of the Spirit “who descends on all flesh” to quicken it.
This movement of the Spirit is the driving “liberation movement,”
for it is the process whereby the world is recreated.

So resurrection means rebirth out of impotence and indolence to “the living hope.”
And today “living hope” means a passion for life, and a lived protest against death.

Christ’s resurrection is the beginning of God’s rebellion.
That rebellion is still going on in the Spirit of hope, and will be complete when, together with death, “every rule and every authority and power” is at last abolished (I Cor. 15_24)

“I didn’t find Christ, he found me.”

Jürgen Moltmann

15 comments on “The Resistance

    • Hi Vincent—hope all is well, I’ve missed seeing you the past couple of days…hope all is well in your world

      • For whatever reason WordPress unfollowed your blog 🤔 all things considered I’m doing ok, thanks to the Lord. Between the diverticulitis and my recent heart attack makes the treatment plan difficult to manage.

      • I can imagine Vincent and I’ve been wondering about the diverticulitis mixed with all of this new heart business—it’s like my husband says—it’s getting to point that I might just need to be put down like an old mule—Ha—and with my disc and nerve issues—I can concur—but…it is every onward and upward!!
        I knew something was a rye when I didn’t see you for about two days in block land…and you missed my tale of Sao Paulo 🙂
        I sometimes think there is a conspiracy against the Christian bloggers—and I must say thank you—I have so enjoyed finding folks I would otherwise not have found were it not for you!!
        Blessings Vincent for ever onward and upward!!!

      • I have filed a ssi disability claim, it’s pending, lots of folks have been telling me I have a strong case…We’ll see. Technical glitches are frustrating to deal with, but still your point is taken 💪

      • what is an ssi disability claim Vincent?

        Yes, glitches, especially with technology, are always a pain because it is usually something I can never figure out with this limited brain of mine 🙂

        and forgive all the typos as I always think faster than I can type 🙂

        and I do jest about the conspiracy but sometimes all the dropped contacts, comments and blogs does make one wonder…

        But I actually chalk it all up to the faithful coming under increasing attacks… as I do believe that spiritual attacks are on the rise …such are the times in which we find ourselves living…

        Prayers for your continued strength..physically, internally and always spiritually 🙂

      • SSI is Social Security Disability benefits. It’s hard not to think in terms of the faithful coming under attack, intelligent evil doesn’t care what method it uses to attempt to hinder the advancement of the Gospel…

      • well, you would have thought I knew that..duh…I would think that guts and heart would truly be candidates—but not much in this country surprises me any more—I pray it will be a full acceptance of your petition!!
        We’re hanging in on our end—I go for one more epidural to see if it will help in about two weeks…

      • Praying for your needs as well Julie. Hope the epidural assists in your pain management. I was in medical billing 4 years dealing with epidural and other orthopedic needs. My experience tells me that with most peeps it’s only a temporary fix, however it can, in some cases, have a lasting effect.

      • I’m not holding my breath Vincent—just one more before I move on to Emory in Atlanta for that second opinion which will be the same as here—time for surgery on to remove that disc

      • SSI is Social Security Disability benefits

      • praying for you and yours as well my friend 😎

  1. Here, here and amen! 🙂 ❤

  2. SLIMJIM says:

    Good reminder that we are part of the Resistance.

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