only one

“God’s heart is never limited in its sphere of action”
Eberhard Arnold

(the lone little wild flowers hanging on in the woods / Julie Cook / 2016)

“Everything depends on seeing the mystery of the risen Christ as unconditional love.

There is only one thing that knows no conditions:
that is love.

There is only one absolute:
That is God’s rulership.

There is only one direct way: that is the experience of God’s love in Jesus Christ.
In Christ, his love is put into practice.”

Eberhard Arnold
Spirit of Fire

4 comments on “only one

  1. Dear Julie, thank you for sharing these powerful words by Eberhard Arnold. I’m one of the editors at Plough Publishing House, which publishes Arnold’s works, and I’d love to get in touch with you if I may – I’m at I have some review copies of some of his works I’d be happy to share. Best wishes, Maureen Swinger, Plough.

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